One fewer of us: Bradley Thomas Dargavel

Following a link from led to a news article of yet another cyclist killed in a road accident, while riding along the A6 near Preston, UK.

The article includes a picture of Bradley riding a unicycle which was the first thing that leapt off the page. Does anyone from around here know him?

Daily Mail Article


Sad day

That’s sad:(
RIP Bradley Thomas Dargavel

and they have the nerve to call it a bike
;0 sad

So young. So quickly. So much grief.

Wow that is sad…R.I.P. Bradley Thomas Dargavel!!!

I blame IPOD. Sad day.

I blame IPOD. Sad day.

thats sad

Believe me when I say there is nothing more tragic then attending the funeral of a young person. There is just something about the whole affair that is wrong.
I’ve been to too many of these funerals recently.
I probably can’t put it into words properly, but to see so many young people at a cemetry is just… well, it’s not right.
My sympathies go out to his family.

That’s victim blaming, unless you actually have some evidence that the i-Pod was a contributory factor. None is presented in the article.

Google Earth will show you the road at (53 48.3386, -2 43.2341). If you choose to view the road map, it’s the orange road labelled Garstang Road. I don’t know whereabouts along its length the collision occurred, the article simply says it happened on the A6 at Broughton.

As you’d expect of an A-class road, it looks like a wide, straight road with good visibility. So I’d be interested to know how the driver of the tractor failed to notice a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.

One vehicle must have been on the wrong side of the road for the collision to have occurred. We don’t know whether it was the bike or the tractor.

I went searching for more information. Both the BBC and the victim’s local paper say that the bike was on the wrong side of the road:

“Bradley Thomas Dargavel, from Barton, was riding south on the A6 at Broughton when he crossed the road into the path of the vehicle.”
“Bradley Thomas Dargavel, 14, from Barton, near Preston, was riding south on the A6 at Broughton when he crossed the road into the path of the vehicle.”

Man that’s sad:( RIP

So sad. Just a year younger than I am.

What can we do at times like these?

Morning achieves nothing. In the end we can only hope to learn from tragedies.



I knew Bradley, not like close m8s but i knew him as a m8. Goodbye Bradley " 4eva I’ll remeber our fun times,u’ll live on 4eva inside my mind". Ok so i’m not gd @ poetry but Bradley we miss u. I’m sorry i neva got 2 say goodbye properly. Bye C u on the other side, wait 4 me RIP XXX