One fantastic ride

I’m a new Coker rider, but I’m learning about it’s freedoms… fantastic to say the least. I had a great time riding in Collingwood (Ontario Canada) last weekend, so I thought I’d better share a few photos of the harbour (Georgian Bay).

Somehow I find certain mysticism with these images.

On a sillier note for the Cokering pros out there, here’s my ‘firsts’ what I learned to do this weekend:

  1. I can get bugs out of my nose.
  2. I can cause three on duty fire fighters to run after me, away from their hall, because they were wondering if I could juggle too.
  3. I can handle ~2% gravel grade.
  4. I can get more bugs out of my nose, and then one out of my ear…

…The bugs were out in full force, or I’m just not used to being up at this height…

Hope you enjoy the photos.


more photos

more photos


and one last one


Wow, very cool pictures. You’re right about them being a bit on the mystical side. Damn, unicycles are great.

Re: One fantastic ride

You must not have been smiling because they didn’t get in your teeth. Do the ride over again and smile next time. :smiley:

I suppose I should add

  1. I can eat bugs while riding… :smiley: