"One" DVD?

Hey everyone!
Im making a DVD. Its going to be called “One”. The intro is finished, You can view it Here! What do u lot think?

looks pretty good. is it going to be a buyable dvd or are you just gonna post it on the gallery

it looks good for posting in gallerys and for a “movie to show friends and family” but i dont think it is sellable… it is good tho. but not that good to sell.

looks like a video ment to be in the gallery not for sale…

I dont know what i was going to to with it, Thats why i was asking you guys. Ill probably just post it on my gallery then. What else do you think i should put in it? Thanks!

Is it possible to remove the dates in the clips?
I agree with you maxisback

edit: what kind of bc are you riding in the flm?

Yeah it is possible, i found out how after filming the first half! Thats why they suddenly dissapear. Im riding my crappy homemade BC. the plates are bent as hell, thats why im struggling to keep balence.

The wheel is ok, if a bit dirty. Its just the plates! I need to get some stronger ones!

If i made more sections, and edited it into a longish film, would u guys be interested in downloading and watching it. I think what im trying to say is, Do you think the riding was good enough to even have bothered making a vid? Thanks!

it’s always worth making a video! If you do decide to sell a dvd version, just remember that you need to license the music for dvd sales, that can come back to bite you really hard. You don’t necessarily have to pay for the music, there is free stuff out there, just get permission to use it.

Yeah! Im not good enough to make A dvd for selling though. If i knew some really good riders i would love to film for a DVD. Surely a band wouldnt mind a bit of free publicity?

I think no matter what the quality of riding is, you should always be making movies (internet ones, at least) for your own enjoyment…having other people watch them should always be a secondary thing.


I know a good place for you planed movie. It seems to be a good one for our unicycle tv and you could be sure than to become a lot of attention. We could set a link to you with an hint to the DVD possibility and so you will got the response if a DVD is needed and how many.
Actualy we got 2000 - 6000 Users from over 40 countrys a day :wink:

Thanks to all of you at this point !!!

Im going to be filming for the idividual riders sections in the next few weeks (Depending on the weather, I mean come on - i live in england!). I will let you lot know wen the next section is done and you can give me the feedback! Thanks you guys!

Hey all!
Due to the typical english weather (pissing it down or freezing, or both!) i havent been able to get any footage since the last update. Its sunny and dry now but im stuck in work! I will try and get some footage at the weekend, but im not promising anything. Any suggestions of what i should put in it or layout, file type, display size, anything else? Thanks!