A TV series called “Right this Minute” did a fun little segment:

HEY! I recognize some of that footage and that other guy! :smiley:

Nice job Terry, being an ambassador of our sport!

I was in the kitchen this morning preparing breakfast, t.v. on in the back ground when I suddenly heard something about off road unicycling. I nearly got whiplash from turning my head around so fast! It was just a promotional for “Right this Minute” but pretty cool to see on network t.v.

Congrats Terry!

Very cool… Great exposure for the sport.

I was on break when i saw it i was like HEY I know who that is!

Very very cool dude! :sunglasses:

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

This one came out last week. From the TV series, “Growing Bolder”.

From the TV series, “Growing Bolder”. Everyone knows about mountain biking, but relatively few know about mountain unicycling, or extreme unicycling in general, so it helps to get the word out about it to more and more people.

Nice Terry! Legendary indeed! :sunglasses:

Those are two very well done pieces. Terry, you’re great at speaking on camera! Ride on!

Keep up the good work. The word is spreading and more and more people are getting inspired by you.


Nice stuff Terry, gonna have to take up that gauntlet once I get older :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words guys! :slight_smile:

This just aired last night. You might recognize the host. :slight_smile:

Awsome! I just finished watching it after seeing your Facebook post about it. I started riding last year just before my 49th birthday and I can only hope to be able to do 1/2 of what you do when I’m 56. Cheers!

Thanks Sal! Looks like we both started at about the same age, and we’re both gonna show mother nature that age can’t hold us back! :smiley:

Another great interview Terry. I’d have to agree with your comment about us being like mountain lions “out there but not that visable”.

Thanks Harley. I guess we off-road riders do have a few things in common with mountain lions; MUni can be a bit “wild”, “untamed” and unpredictable…except that [most of us] don’t bite! :p:D

Great Terry :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks Grizoo. :slight_smile: