on the tire tricks

ive seen a lot of people do these in flat videos. i can bounce on the tire with my feet clenched against the crown but moving me body or my feet make me really unstable. what i really want to be able to do are flips, spins and especially side wheel walking. what are some starter on the tire tricks and how can i build up to side wheel walking?

It takes a while to get really comfortable with hopping on the wheel. A good starter trick would be nofooters while hopping on the wheel. Start by hopping on the wheel then jump up off the wheel and land back on the wheel and keep hopping. This should help you build up to flips and spins. Flips are fairly easy to learn because you can flip the wheel as much or little as you want and it won’t affect your landing.

Sideways wheel walk really isn’t very similar to hopping on the wheel or any hopping on wheel tricks. You could probably learn sideways wheel walk without even being able to hop on wheel, although I’m sure it makes it a little bit easier. The key to sideways wheel walk is putting all of your weight on the seat so that you can lightly kick the tire with your feet. You want to have your legs bent out to the sides and your body fairly low down. This is much different than hopping on wheel where you want to have all of your weight on the wheel and use your arms to hold the seat straight up. Also, when hopping on the wheel your legs are straight.

I recommend you keep the two separate in your mind and focus on each individually. I learned sideways wheel walk by standing on a wall about a foot high with the unicycle’s wheel up against the side, getting my arms into the right position and then stepping off and sideways wheel walking as far as I could. At first I didn’t get very far, but slowly I improved until eventually I could go a revolution or two. Then you can learn to transition in and out of the trick.

It’s a difficult trick, but with some practice you’ll get it no problem! Good luck, and have fun!

This ( http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=86707 ) link has a good tutorial on a tire trick you might like. The DONKEY KICK. Ooooo Ahhhhh.:smiley:

i had most of my weight on the tire. now it doesnt seem so impossible. cant wait to give it a shot. too bad its 2am and im sleepy =[

and yeah the donkey kick has been on my list for a long time. if i do a crank variation i could probably land it if i commit. oh well, for another day