On sale Qu-ax trials vs. Nimbus trials

I’ve read enough posts to know that both of these are good especially the nimbus. The sale price for the Qu-ax is $13 less than the nimbus with kh cranks. Is this just a toss up between the two, or do any of you experienced trials riders favor one over the other? I’m about 200 lbs and have only ridden 24". I want to learn trials skills and other general skills. I will also have access to some good skate parks, although I don’t know if I’ll enjoy it or not. I commute with my MUni, so this new uni will mostly be ridden around home and when I’m out with my daughter on her tricycle. I have many obstacles to practice on where I live.

Strangely enough, I was originally trying to decide between a trials and a 36er. I can’t spend the money on a 36er right now and I do OK commuting with my MUni, slick tire and 127mm cranks.

Any insight regarding these two trials unicycles will be greatly appreciated. I’ll probably be placing my order tomorrow.

Yeah thats sounds like a tough one. Its very close between both of them I would say. the Qu-ax has a very good seat post, which is one of the parts many riders break easily (I have broken 3). The qu-ax’s wheel set is very heavy because of the 48 spokes and the large rim, but is stronger than the nimbus I believe. The nimbus should be a little lighter. I would go with the quax personally but the nimbus is great too.

Go Nimbus, with KH cranks. It’s lighter, maybe less stronger than the QU-AX, but you will not brake it so easily…

The QU-AX is to heavy… And KH cranks are better than QU-AX Cranks in my opinion…


If you are a beast you wrecks unis for breakfast, get the quax. If you are smoother, get the nimbus with moments. If are smoother still, get tensiles and MG1 pedals.

I’m going to be completly biased and say, go with the Qu-Ax. They are great Uni’s, and the weight doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Then again the only thing that I’ve ridden that’s lighter is my original learner no-name brand uni.

Ride with the standard Qu-Ax cranks for now. The aluminium cranks are not as strong as the KH’s (so I’m led to believe), but mine stand up to some rough punishment given my weight or rather my excess of weight :slight_smile: :slight_smile: You can always replace the cranks at a later stage with some KH Moments.

Thanks for the input everyone. I’m leaning towards the model 1400 Qu-Ax at the moment. It has the CrMo isis cranks, by the way, so I don’t think crank strength will be an issue. If I eventually want longer cranks, I can change to the KH ones.

Too bad qu-ax has the strongest fucking rim for trials uni’s