On a tandem?

Just a quick note to any tandem riders reading…

Check out the New World Disorder II “Fat Tire Fury” video for Bobby Root
who… um… takes a tandem for a spin. Check it out for sure if you get
the chance! There’s plenty other mind bending 1, 2 and 4 wheeled DH, DS and
dirt jump action to make it worth buying.

Yes I did say mind bending 1 wheeled action - Mr Holm puts in an appearance
(5 minutes worth or there abouts) riding the North Shore and a mind
bogglingly high bridge - without Roach water wings tut tut :wink: If you just
want the Kris bit go for the One Tired Guy video. It’s got the exact same
segment and includes the award winning :slight_smile: Unizaba.