Oliver From Sweden unicycled 55km on a 29"...for Pretzels

I have never seen this individual, but this video was recommended to me on YouTube and I quite enjoyed the video.


it’s @Oliver_Kjellen


That’s Crazy!!

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Cool that you found one of my videos. My channel was initially more unicycle focused, but I have since a year back changed things up a bit. I still try to include unicycling here and there because it’s an awesome activity.

Would like to unicycle through Sweden and make a few videos about that. But with work and other commitments it’ll have to wait…but it will happen…at some point.

Next big video project will be about cross country skiing. I’ll do my 3rd Vasalopp next year, and I will document the whole thing, at least I’ll try to :sweat_smile:


Love your content rather you are unicycling or not–I will be following your future endeavors!

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Thank you, glad to hear that!