Dont watch this:

Man, was that you at the end there? You were pretty stoked.

Yea, that was the first ever time I flipped a 7 set, over a year ago.

Dude, have you ever considered doing the voice-overs for movies? You make a PERFECT pterodactyl. haha

But seriously, very well put together.

but one thing.

WHAT THE FLIP was that that Max did. I watched it over and over and couldn’t tell. It looked like a sideways stand up backroll frontflip sorta deal. It looked really uncomfortable but awesome too. haha

XD I laughed for like 15 minutes at the pterodactyl noise.

That was pretty awesome. I really liked the 180 unispin-scuffcoast. If you did that outside and rolled into it, I bet you could hold the scuff for pretty long.

Was I the only one that thought Emele’s frontflip dismount would end badly? :stuck_out_tongue:


that was awesome

I got 2 revs that day with just 1 push, but I accidentally taped over it:(, and I never used this clip.

Haha. Tight video man nice song choice.

LOL loved the ending