Old unicycle clip on TV, 1980s? - *PING* John Foss!

What date is that? I bet John Foss knows.

I’m pretty sure this is him: http://www.buildingweight.com/

which makes that video circa 1986-1987 based on his bio.

– UniT

That’s correct. Jay Gilligan is a famous juggler, and can be extremely funny while being non-verbal. I met him in Schottland, in the US (together with former freestyle worldchamp Dustin Kelm), and during the public show of EJC in Carvin, France.
I think, besides having a place in Minnesota, he is living in Sweden.

Looks like my Semcycle my Grandma got me in 1985. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

I don’t know about Jay’s uni in that clip (too blurry), but what the host is using is a Schwinn.

Looks to me like a Sem that he’s riding, but I could be wrong. I don’t see the black schwinn logo on the sides of the fork.