Old Timer --- Re-Learning

What’s your name? Robert

Where do you come from? Texas Panhandle

What is your experience of unicycling? Im a returning rider, when i was a kid i rode my old 24" to school everyday in all weather, carrying my books and trombone. that has been a very long time ago . After 45 -47 years of not riding. I got my Uni out, first day took me a while to get going, but now free mount, and ride not far about 1/2 mile a day. Looking to buy a 29er Nimbus Mtn uni. if they ever get some to buy. I’m starting to get some skill back but have a very long way to go. I really want to lean some basics again like hopping but I’m afraid at my 215 lbs . those 50 year old schwinn cranks will break. Waiting for my Muni… I was shock how far uni’s have came in 45+ years. PS i MTN bike about 40+ miles a week off road almost ever week. PDC


Welcome, Robert!

Welcome back to unicycling, Robert! I assume you have your own reasons for choosing a 29" wheel. If you are interested in picking up skills, in addition to riding, consider a smaller wheel. A 29" is great for cruising around and for light muni and XC. For general skills, you can’t beat a 19" trials uni. Just my two cents. Many riders on this forum own multiple sizes.

Hi Robert. I went to high school in Borger, TX. I moved away a long time ago, otherwise I’d come ride with you. Palo Duro Canyon looks like an excellent place to ride. I’d love to get out there someday.

Part of the reason is im 6 2 and 215 , I watched many videos with the 29 and 27.5 fatty’s used for down hill and flows. I really want to be able to run flows and cover some distance, and some MTN trails. I understand the climbing will be harder on the 29er, I started years ago on the 20 it was super agile and very easy to ride. I had alot of fun on it. Never rode anything bigger than a 24, with a skinny tire.
The 29 with the 3.25 just looks like it would work very will on the stuff my wife rides, She is no where near as aggressive on a bike as i am. She and wait on me for a change !!!

Oh cool , Borger is my home town. PDC is a great place to ride , from some nice flows, to some very cool flat single track though trees, to some really tech stuff. The difficulty is really up to the rider.
It ranges from KIOWA which has amazing serene nice flow to Rock Garden 100% Tech. PDC Trails with description

Now that’s a funny coincidence. I haven’t been back in years. Maybe if there’s a high school reunion or something, I’ll bring my unicycle and we can go ride.

I think you’re going to like the Nimbus. It’ll be worth the wait. The unicycle I ride the most is a Nimbus 29er I got in 2010. It’s solid and reliable.

I wonder if @JoshBuilt knows when they’ll be back in stock…

Welcome Robert I’m new here also and everyone seems very welcoming. I just started riding a few months ago at 46 years old. Been researching muni’s myself the mtb passion drives it for me also.

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Im having to learn again but it is coming back quick… research it and pick on for me the 29er appears to be a good pick for where i live and what i want to ride. have fun with it and good luck

Welcome from another learner as well! :slight_smile:

I do, Next Wednesday the 16th they should be back in stock.

Hi Robert and welcome to the forum :grinning:

Can I ask how come you stopped for long?

I quit when i started driving… in 1976… just started back about 3 weeks ago , so yes a very long gap, Real life College, job, kids, marriage. Long hours… so on …

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Keep an eye here in the trading post and ebay for a used uni. But you have to be quick and pay up if you want to get one before someone else snags it up. All four of mine are used three from eBay one used from a local bike shop. I have a 20 inch nimbus trials a 26 nimbus muni, a UDC 29er and a UDc 32. Love them all for different reasons. After all it may be awhile before new stuff is available. Good luck

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