Old Style Torker DX Seatpost

I just picked up a used Torker DX 20 inch. I ordered a seatpost and was surprised that the bolt pattern didnt match. Any advice? The seat is in great condition.

Doesn’t the DX use a standard Schwinn seatpost mount? That should be the same as all of the Kris Holm seats, and just about everything else except the Torker LX, and Miyata. Did you get an LX seatpost? That wouldn’t fit a DX seat.

ok, I feel like a bonehead - the uni is a torker LX - however after a little searching I dont see many of the LX style seatposts on the market! Any advice?

I can’t look at ebay right now, but I remember within the last couple of days someone posted an LX seat/seatpost combo that would work. If you find a Miyata seatpost you just need to make sure that the diameter is right. For some reason I think that the Miyata post is 22.2mm, and the LX uses 25.4mm.

The alternative would be to get a standard 25.4/4 bolt seatpost, and a new more comfortable seat like a Nimbus or KH, or even a Velo.