Old Shaun Johanneson

I’m uploading some older videos of mine with just a little history behind the video. These range from 2005-2007. Good times.

Flip tricks and other assortments video

Flip Video

Spring Break 2006

oh my god. Thank you so much for uploading this. I really enjoy it. Are you going to upload all your old video aswell? It would be wicked.

Snacking with Shaun

Summer Video 2007

Sick… backslide to fakie 360 out… never noticed that till now

I seriously love Keatons riding. And yeah that fakie varial was smoooooth.

Awesome! It’s really interesting to see these videos! I liked the unispin sidehops, I’ve always thought they were really cool.

Internet Vid Hatred

Those Tripleflips… :heart:

When is there going to be New Shaun Johanneson?

I’m really glad you put these up, I had been looking for a couple of these recently and coupdnt find them… any chance you could post the spring break "will it grind video? I really got a kick out of that one… especially when I found out where the will it grind? Came from…

New me, should be about a week. I’m taking this trip so I’ll release it afterwards. I will look for more old videos. Also are you going to Nationals Space?

you maby are not the top anymore… but I still love it!!
Your grinds are so cool + still one of the best!!
and flips are super clean!

for your new vid I want:
Sick, nice grinds
big flips
some old school shaun talk xD
and everything like usual :slight_smile:

Tech grinds and manny pad are where it’s at. No one does it anymore though… Shame.

Not this year, too behind on cash… its really too bad… it really seems like the year to go…

Your vids may be old and bad quality, but I love the riding :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting the video to show how bad I was :stuck_out_tongue:


oh… Ö
you got better ?
I need some proof… Time for new vid!

Omg, I had to register an account to be able to comment this post.
Im so freakin happy these vids came again! I remember these videos were my #1 motivation a long time ago. I watched them everyday when i was going to unicycle, especially Spring break 2006 :smiley:

Good to see some from you again!

Thanks!! And greetings from sweden