Old School 26er parts


So by the powers that be, a Nokian Gazzolodi fell into my lap for free. The beads are kind of hammered but the tread has a ton of life and I think since the beads are wire, it’ll still set up tubeless fine.

So, I’m wanting to build a low budget 26er DH Muni that hearkens back to the old days: overbuilt, excessively heavy, and fun. If anyone has an old 26er frame laying around, I’m a buyer, as well as a wheelset. Really anything. Chrome nimbus frame preferred.

Let me know what you have.


Right here my friend, as old school as it gets:

Indeed. Would like to try and find a whole wheelset or at least know what rim I’m dealing with first.

Onza’s will not be turned down though!

Damn they’re giving those away though…

Yeah, no joke! I wish I had a good excuse to get one at that price, but I have one like that already in my muni wheel… which I would offer to you if I didn’t still use it all the time. Your “old school 26er” is my “good mountain unicycle.” :slight_smile:

I was a little sad to not see matching cranks for sale though. They hung on in the catalog for a while too. I’d bet that some forum members have a set or two of them stashed away still.

I searched a second hands set a while ago and it seems that spare sets are long gone or long forgotten (but still good luck in your search).

The plan B is to search for Onza splined BMX cranks. On the unicycle side they were identical to the KH/Onza. The only downside may be the length available…

As plan C, I can ask a friend of mine if he has replaced his splined hub with an ISIS one yet (he has a KH/Onza hub with 165mm cranks).

Can’t wait to see pics of your old-school “anchor” muni :smiley:

Finding cranks looks difficult and parting out this uni with new parts is looking like more then I want to spend.

Anyone have a wheel set or whole muni?

Try Bedford. Darren had Onza cranks in stock awhile back. Maybe he’s still got some.

Think I have most of this figured out. Now for a frame…