Old Pro Unicycle

So, I have an old Pro Unicycle in what seems to be pretty good condition. I just put a new tire on. The only problem is that it’s got an old banana-style seat that rubs on the inner-thighs in a slightly unfriendly way. The seat is the original and it’s a cute red and gold to match the rest of the unicycle. It’d feel wrong to take off the seat as it’s key to the cool nostalgic character of the unicycle. What’s more, the local bike-shop quoted me $45 to put in a new seat (which would need a new bar somehow made to fit), and i’m a cheapskate. Should I try to e-bay it to someone out there who might feel re-united with a long lost friend and go buy me a new one?

Any advice?


i have no idea what you are talking about can you take a pic or draw one

If your going to be riding a lot or for long distances you’ll want to change the seat but if you plan to ride a little bit you could slide away with out changing the seat.(Also just spread your thighs out ward so they aren’t constantly rubbing, that could help) What do you mean by the “new bar” that would need to be placed in. Depending how serious the “new bar” would be I would try eBay or the trading post. Pictures would help

I wouldn’t get too nostalgic over an uncomfortable seat. The first thing I did to my first unicycle (1970s vintage Matthews unicycle) was to change the seat. I’m guessing that the ‘new bar’ you need is a new seat post. You could ask your local bike shop to measure the diameter of your existing seatpost with vernier calipers, so you can be sure that you’ll get the right sized seatpost. Seats and posts are available from www.unicycle.com


"Should I try to e-bay it to someone out there who might feel re-united with a long lost friend and go buy me a new one? "

If you plan on riding for any period of time - then Yes, it’s time to upgrade.
To make the one you have safe, sturdy and enjoyable, you will probably need to replace a few things.
Unicycles have come a long way since your Banana-seat ride was created. So, if you have any notions of sticking with unicycling consider a new machine.

There are a few people who collect unicycles - whether they are interested in yours…only God knows ( and maybe the pope). :slight_smile:

Old saddle…

Hi!Looknig forward to hear from U.:smiley: Uniwitold.