Old or New KH

I know there are posts and threads about the KH and Koxx hub and cranksets and some people say that the old KH is good and the new KH/Onza is bad. This may sound like a strange question but which is the better crankset. The new KH/Onza set or the Old KH set?


the old crankset is ok, but you can tel it’s not better coz UDC had loads and was selling em off.

mmm nah thats not realy a good piece of evidence

i have the old KH and qu-ax 127 cranks, many people say that this is strounger then the new KH hun and cranks, also i didnt have some £100+ to spend at the time

urmmm there are people on this forum that know a LOT more about this then me, and use the search you might find somthing

The new one is certainly lighter. And having ridden both on a muni for some time i prefer the new one, it inspires more confidence in me. However, I am just one person, I’m sure alot of poeple will come on here and say how that they broke the new set but not the old set proves that the old one is far superiour. That is one incidence however, and one incidence proves nothing.

There were some issues with the new ones when they came out, the first batches used thinner metal in the cranks, this has now been increased to 1.6 from 1.4mm i think, and there have been fewer problems. It just seems so unlikely to me that the new set is genuinely weaker, why on earth would KH choose to do that? After all, he has to ride the thing.

Personally if it was an equal choice I would go for the new one hands down, but if i wanted to save some cash I would certainly consider the old one, it served me well for several years.

I’d heard that the crank thickness was increased. Has anyone easily bent their 1.6mm cranks? I just looked at mine and don’t see any markings to tell what thickness they are. Is there a way to tell? The biggest drops I’ve done are about 30" to flat without great technique, with no problems. I weigh 200lbs. I don’t plan to ever do any bigger drops, so my KH crank/hub set works great for me.

I don’t believe there’s any way to tell which type you have. I believe both my muni and trials have the old cranks but I’m not exactly worried, I would never drop more than 4 feet.

It was only the first batch of cranks that were 1.4mm and now all of the cranks produced are 1.6mm. The stories of peoples cranks bending so easily was probably because they had 1.4mm cranks not the 1.6mm.


I like my old KH setup but the new is certainly lighter and arguably stronger…but like dale, i didnt have $250 to spend when i got them…Still they have more than met my expectations, 3 foot drops to flat at 230lbs and still staright as pins, good in my books.

I’ve been riding the new KH hub/cranks and they will probably hold up to everything I do and more.I’ve done 4 and 1/2 foot drops to flat concreet and they have held up fine. True, I’m about half the weight of most of the people on this forum.

edit: also, I like the new KH cranks more for when you stand on them for leg wraps and tricks like that.

Thats one huge drop Phil.

Yeah i think they where changed from 1.6 to 1.8

Is it correct then, that they started at 1.4, then went to 1.6 and now to 1.8?

No I believe there was only one change, either from 1.4 to 1.6 or 1.6 to 1.8, if anyone can be bothered to look out the thread on the 06 KH danger_uni specified exactly what had been done.

It was from 1.4 to 1.6.

Is [I]this[/I] what you wanted?

Good point. One of the best things about primarily selling online is that there is a lot more flexibility with changing things more quickly than just annually. In 2005 these somewhat subtle changes happened on the 2005 unis, from January to late September shipments:
-thickness of the crank tubing increased from 1.6 to 1.8mm (next shipment to unicycle.com arriving late fall)
-same weight but stronger seatpost clamp (changed late Sept)
-foam thickness reduced on rear of saddles by 10mm, plus dual density foam.
-increased saddle strength (early 2005)
-seatpost strength was improved, with double tubing thickness in the top 4"
-slightly rougher surface on the KH bike-type seatpost (for the KH24 and KH29) (upcoming late Fall shipment) to help it grip better in the seatpost tube.

So there will be improvements ongoing in 2006 but rather than have a "2006 unicycle" I would rather implement upgrades as soon as they are developed and properly tested.


He said it went from 1.6 to 1.8, but was from 2005.

So if he said they went 1.6 to 1.8 in 2005, and agian increased the thickness for later models of the 2006 models, that would mean 1.8 to a 2.

Unless he went back to a smaller size in the 2006 then changed them back agian like the change made in 2005, but why would you do that?