old footage(not callout)

hey everyone. I made this vid a while ago. It’s kinda crap but I decided to post it anyway. O and disregard the callout thing Lucas and Skrobo. Sorry, I’m doing to many things right now.
once again this is old footage.

are you sponcered by sixsixone?

Movie probably isn’t older than 1 or 2 months.

like I said, old footage. I’ve learned a bunch of tricks since then. And ya Iam sponsored by them.

Download link:

kool. So what new tricks have you down, do you have the double hick, im still working on the double 180.

treys, some rollfooting, weird tricks that are hard to explain, blind variations, and 180 backs.

cool, but why 2 hands when you crankflip?

it was an old vid, that is how you learn them, that is how I doubleflip right now on my DX.
Untill you can flip them fast enough for one hand.

I seriously cannot crankflip one handed. the uni does’nt feel solid at all without two hands. Do you guys think it looks bad? It does’nt hold me back from anything so I don’t think it’s really a problem, unless it like totally looks horrible.

You and Forrest are the only ones I have seen flipping with two hands.
I don’t like it looks horrible that way, I do think it looks better with one hand though.

Cool vid, you should film your more recent stuff.

I think you should learn to crankflip with one hand it does look better that way, I dont see why you would need to hold it with both hands.

I don’t really see what the problem is. I think it looks better with two because some people tend to flail their free arm when flipping the cranks. My hands must be a lot smaller than you guys’ cuz I can’t get control of the uni. Believe me though, I would much rather do it like everyone else, but I’ve tried, and I can’t, and I’m not gonna waste my time relearning tricks that I already know.

I don’t think I would call improving techniques “relearning tricks.” Maybe holding it one handed will help with future tricks, I don’t really know.

Yea, over time when you can flip the cranks faster we hold 1 hand.
Like my crankflips, It took me longer for 180 flips, because you need that extra hand to do the 180 hop twist.
the 2 hands give us better control of the uni, so we can flip it faster, untill we get old enough where our hands are huge.


Spencer-Today 12:22 PM

Ya there are a few tricks that I’d be held back from two-handed, like 360 flips or 360 late flips. I understand what you guys are saying. Sorry if I came across kinda mean in the previous post.:o

I just thought that it couldnt be very hard to change your technique so you only flipped with one hand. I have always let go early with my spinning hand when I 360 unispin and someone said you should hold it all the way round, it took no time to re-learn it, although I still prefer to do it and to let go early.