Old Bearing Holder - Pretty Nice

I bought and old 20" crappy uni on ebay for friends to learn on without trashing my nice unis. It basically sucks but it had a really solid frame with pretty nice machined bearing holders. This frame may one day make it to my powdercoat guy and then get a decent wheel put on it.

Those Don’t Look machined, Im willing to bet they are cast.

i have a frame like that too. and a post about it somwhere in here from years ago.

if its like mine, it may crack like mine did were the holder goes into the fork leg.

I have an old peice of crap no-namer that looks a bit like that…

me too haha but it was my first learning uni… to me all frames are the same except some are round crown some are squared :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it a “Unicorn” ?