Some of you will remember how I used to post several times a day with write ups of rides, technical advice for newbies and so on. At one time, I was riding 2, 3 or 4 times a week, sometimes 20+ miles in an evening, usually on my Coker, 28, or MUni.

But you’ve not heard from me too often recently. I’ve spent pretty much the equivalent amount of time visiting the cancer ward.

My step mother wasn’t a unicyclist. She was a swimmer - county champion for many years- and then when she retired from the sport, she spent 20 years or so teaching and coaching this and other sports, sometimes professionally, but often voluntarily, because sport is worth promoting.

In the last few weeks, I’ve watched her painful decline, and now she’s on her death bed, barely able to speak or sit up, and we’re just hoping she’ll hang on until her daughter (my sister) can make it from the other side of the world to say goodbye.

And in that time, I’ve watched the young red-headed woman across the ward lose all her hair because of the chemo, I’ve heard the lady in the opposite bed sorting out her will , knowing she’s not got long to go, and I’ve seen the young mother whose child of about 12 was afraid to hug or kiss her because of her illness.

And I visited this forum tonight for a bit of friendly chat and found that something had happened in my absence: flame wars and abusive language, and a general air of unpleasantness on many of the threads.

For crying out loud, it’s a privilege to be able to sit at a computer and type, never mind ride a unicycle. Don’t abuse it, don’t waste it. Falling out over the design, manufacture, price or operation of one wheeled unpowered vehicles is just plain stupid.

Come on, I used to cherish this forum as a friendly place to visit. I did my bit to help to make it that way. Deep breaths, and let’s enjoy talking about this fantastic sport we all share.

I’m sorry to hear about your mother. I hope your sister is able to make it to see her in time.

I did enjoy reading all of your posts and it’s a shame to see the direction the forum is going. I hope this will reverse very soon.


Things like this is very very hard to hear, why do they happend? I don’t wounder how it feels, because i defenetly don’t want to know, this is so sad.

I can’t stop thinking of my great grandmother, she died two years ago.

I am sorry to hear this
And i hope your sister makes it there to meet her in time.

You have a skill in writing sir.


Thanks, but the point is not that my step mother is ill, but that life is too short to waste arguing over trifles.

(Apple pie, yes, but trifles, no.)

OK, so maybe it was a bit of a rant, but this forum should be a friendly place. And every time one of you calls one other person a posterior orifice, 200 or more strangers are reading it.

I’ve said my piece. Now, let’s lighten up and talk about one wheeled bikes.

A great plan indeed. Sorry to hear about your mom.


what kind of disease does she have,if you dont mind me asking.

there is another thread about this to.

two at the same time.

Mikefule - may your family support and love eachother through this time.

You speak the stark truth. Unless we have real problems, we should remind ourselves that we have NO problems.

As Abe Lincoln said in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure “Be excellent to eachother!” Don’t waste a second of your precious life doing anything else.


  • I complained I needed new shoes till I met a man with no feet.

Mike, You are very right. We should be thankful for what we have. I think most of us(uncluding myself) have been a bit foolish. I will keep you mother in my prayers. Thank you for the revalation.

Hey man, I’m sorry to hear about your mom, and I know what its like. My mother passed away 5 months ago, I’m only 15. Her liver failed due to cancer and chemo and othre medication. Its a tough journey, and your just getting started, and I hope your sister gets there before she passes away. If you need soembody to talk to, give me and email, or talk to me one msn. Good luck, and don’t give up.


I’m glad that your step mom had something she enjoyed doing, that kept her fit, things like that are gifts from God, and so are people like that. I’ll pray that your sister gets there in time, God knows what hes doing.

As for one wheeled bikes, mines been not being used all too much lately, as it gets colder, and I keep paying 17 bucks a week for violin lessons, my attention has turned. Although I gave my unicycle student, a around 10 yr old girl from my church, her 2nd lesson, which was a short one since she wanted it to be. Shes been practicing ridding along one of those tall fences that tennis courts have, and thats what she did at the lesson while I watched. She was using two hands, which wasn’t as close to riding as I wanted, so I said maybe one hand, but she didn’t like that. I also had her go with just holding my hand, which she did ok. Hopefully she finds more time to practice before it gets cold, or we’re gonna have to find an inside place, i’m just glad she’s being persistant.

Ok, done now, later,


Hi Mike,

Sorry to hear about your step mum. Best wishes and good thoughts to you during this sad time.

I’m glad you posted this thread; unicyclist.com is definitly one of the nicest forums I’ve seen, very informative with respect amongst it’s members.

Flaming and bad language are a real shame and it’s good that someone’s said something about it.

Maybe there’s been a bit of an influx from people who’ve gotten used to some of the many less respectful forums on the net, and hopefully, in reading this thread they’ll see that there’s a better way.

yes,what could we do about it?
i guess its just up to people to behave right.

I ve been praying for your family to.

Wow. What a perspective. I hope your sister makes it in time.

I, as one of the larger proprieters of negativity on this forum, will make an effort to reread my posts before replying, and stop wasting energy and thought being rude to people. I’m sorry.

On a competely different note, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was an excellent movie. The most lines I’ve ever seen Keanu Reeves have in one movie.

Re: Oi!

Mikefule, it’s sad to hear about your step mother. I hope and trust
that your family will be supportive of each other.

As to the forum, yes things seem to have changed over the last few
months. Let’s just hope it is a temporary glitch and people regain
their dignity once they realise what they’re doing. The problem may be
in newcomers who import an attitude that is all too common in many
forums but used to be virtually absent in this one. Such newcomers
wouldn’t notice anything abnormal in the current state of affairs -
and maybe they wouldn’t even mind so much.

Wishing you strength in the coming period.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“I (…) made it without dying, which means mere mortals can do it. - John Foss”


thanx for the thread Mike
i dropped my sister at the airport on sunday and while driving home i started wondering about the recent lack of Mikefule posts
(i know, my head is a wasteland while i’m driving and i never know what kind of thought is going to crashland next - i was listening to Nirvana Unplugged if that helps to explain anything, actually i was mainly listening to ‘Where did u sleep last night’ repeatedly)
thanx for the update, i wish it could’ve been under happier circumstances
mostly, thanx for the perspective

my mullet sags with shame about how i’ve been mean. nice and helpful comments will be the only comments from mullet now (on the forum, at least)


I too am sorry to hear of troubles in your family’s life, and being new to forums and whatnot I’d like to see positive energy. I was surprised when I asked for help here and instantly people responded. I’m also a strong believer in Karma and all the negative energy you give out will come back to you. One of the reason I enjoy riding a uni is all the positive responses it creates. I have never rode my roadie without getting a thumbs up, smile, or a chuckle. Even the smallest of children realize it is special and will reward your effort with a smile and a pointed finger. Without effort we are ambassadors of good will and need to show it here too…


Your step mother sounds as if she were (and still is) an exceptional person. I can only wish her a pain-free demise. I miss my parents and you will miss yours. I always enjoy your entertaining posts and have missed them. Your parents were instrumental in forming you into the literary giant that you are, at least in RSU, and I thank them for it. I hope she goes to a place of peace and you return as the grandfather of all riding reviews, a title you have held, undisputed, for some time.