Official video from French Uni CUP, 2009

Hi everbody,

With 2 classmates we shooted and directed this video at the French unicycle Cup, in Reims.
This is only a trailer, 1 minute long, 2 longer video are coming soon (one of 5minutes, an other of 15 minutes) …

It was the first unicycling competition filmed with some kind of professional stuff, 2 HD cameras, home made dolly (for travelling), and a Nouma (we call it a “grue” in french, I don’t exactly know in english);
thanks to the France Unicycling Federation and to the association Festivisuel for their support.

ENJOY and post comments !

Kevin Marin
Vasipaulette’s team

Looks great!

Saw this on the french forums a while ago. Still excited to see it.

very good editing and very nice riding!!!
can’t wait to see the full vid:)

How much longer? :stuck_out_tongue:

wow! that was awsome!! i wana make uni videos of events and stuff like that once ive injured myself beyond repair or once im too old to ride, but til then im just gone ride!

but gee im jealous of all the french riders. EUC twice a year (if not in france then close by) nationals once a year, Wuko once a year and had unicon nearby twice in a row. Aus really needs to pick up its game. Nationals r only once every 2 years!! :angry: at least unicon is nearby this time…

btw wats a Nouma?

incredible! Great editing, music and riding. What is there more? Just post it

i guess that’s a crane

Gaaaaaaah… the HDness is awesome. Love it.

I would like to be there! Very Nice!

I need to see the whole video NOW

Very cool and creative!


I wish vimeo worked on my computer … jumpy. Do you have it on YouTube?

Thanks for your very positive comments !
Sorry, this video isnt on youtube now, and it is impossible to me to send it on, as I am already in New Zealand, tramping and unicycling before the Unicon... I am really sorry, you maybe ahve to wait a little bit more for the longer videos, because I have spoken with the frenc uni federation president, and we are probably going to present the 5min long ones at the Unicon XV video competition.
I am trying to know with the Unicon organizers if it is a problem if a video has been broadcasted on the internet before the competition, but I have no answer at least…
As it has been shooted 7 months ago, and the editing has been finished a month ago, a lot of people are waiting for it, so I would really like to show it all around the world RIGHT NOW, but I cant do it at this moment ... Sorry. Its up to the Unicon XV organizers to tell me what I am suppose to do now !
Thanks for watching,

I think unicon videos have to be 4mins long and can’t have been posted before.

nah maximum of 6 minutes and the rules clearly state that u cannot release the video before the video competition.

plus only 10 videos will get selected to b shown, but im confident this video will anyway

The longer video is now available !!

Could you show me where did you see that ? I have been looking for this information and didnt find the answer. The organizer of the video competition, Joe Dyson told me that it wasnt a problem if the video had already been broadcasted on the internet before the champs.
And because there were only 10 video to show for the competition, it wasnt a problem (I told him before Christmas that I was going to present it at the video competition). And there were some very nice videos ... A slovenian flat guy won, I think a filmed it with a pretty professional HD camera, his frames (or pictures ?) are beautiful. I believe the video of Max Schulzz is 2nd, there are not so many lines but nice pictures shooted with a big wide angle and mad trial lines ... 3rd place must be Christian Uriwai, the new street world champion. I dont if if there was an award (podium) for the video comp, I would have know who is at 4th and 5th place.
But I really think everybody should see the 5 firsts videos, there were all very very nice.
You can see mine right now :

I am uploadind it actually, I will post the link when its done. I am waiting for your coments, and want to say that this is a video of A uni convention, so I was suppose to show all the aspects of this kind of events, including awards, atmosphere, ambiance. It is not an easy work, hope who will enjoy ! And dont worry, you will see much more riding in the 15 minutes long which is almost edited, but I can`t know if my french friend who is editing these videos is still working on it … and I will be back in France only in the beginning of May… soooo…
but the french federation president will maybe try to see Guillaume to finish the editing … :thinking:
For the moment enjoy THIS ONE !:slight_smile: