"Official" 24" Muni Tire/Tyre Review Thread

They are better, but they are no longer made, so gool luck finding one.

All tyres I like no longer are no longer made :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
I wil try to find more than one :smiley:

This could be what makes the 24 die. Not going to lie 24s are kind of silly

For the Intense tire, try here:


It has a contact number on it. Jamey, (Unicycle6869 here on the forums) and I talked a bit about this topic last July. He used to have uniproshop.com, which has been downgraded to the link above. He was co-owner and had the remaining stock of the Intense 3.0 tires. He’s since moved out of the country, but said he believes there are still some tires left in CA.

If the contact on that site doesn’t work, try contacting Jamey via the forum. He can get you in touch with the stateside person. If it sounds fishy, it isn’t. Jamey’s legit.

As far as the 24s being kind of silly goes, remember- most of unicycling is kind of silly in the first place.

Give it a bit of time and someone will be championing the new latest, greatest size. Is it 26x3.8? 26x4.0? 32? 29+? 650b?

This will go on while some killer riders will still be smoking the rest of us on a 24 with a Duro.

If you like the 24 then find some tires and ride it. I’m not super attached to the size, but there are times when it’s the right at the right time for me.

Well …

It’s 24 x 4.0.

29plus is we’re it is at with me

Now, this is going to be interesting!

How long had we waited for a 24" fat tire??

At the risk of derailing this topic, I’m curious based on some recent comments about attitudes toward the 24" muni format. It seems that some just see it as a stepping stone to bigger wheels but I also have a feeling that the pendulum has swung back a little this year, that some folks have recently gotten them or have dusted off one they hadn’t ridden in a while and are really liking the size for more technical rides.

I guess I don’t have the initiative to create a survey topic about this right now. If anyone does, please feel free to do so. However I get the sense that 24" was pretty much a fad for downhill bicycles, no longer needed when suspensions improved and frames got clearance added for fat 26" tires. But they were out there to be adopted when mountain unicycling caught on and might still suit a lot of muni riders better than other tire sizes. Yes or no?

I dabbled in 24in free ride and found the 26 to be tons better

Thanks, knoxuni. I already had you in the “stepping stone” category. :slight_smile:

Find your sweet spot – and don’t expect it to stay put!

I started a reply to this recent discussion on 24" muni and it soon became an autobiographical “book,” so I didn’t submit it. Here’s the short (?!?) version. :slight_smile:

I started riding MUni on a 24" in the Spring of 2009, and found it to be just right for learning to ride off road. (I initially learned to ride on sidewalks on a 20" some 40 years prior.) Once I became proficient riding trails on the 24" (after a year or two) I started feeling a strong desire for more speed. That led me to graduate to a 29," which presented all kinds of new challenges (a good thing :roll_eyes: ).

After a few UPDs that shook me up in 2011 & 2012, I wondered if a 26" would be better for me :thinking: . I tried out a 26 Oracle at the 2012 Outerbike and it turned out it was – at that particular time in my skills progression. But, after a “remedial” year on the Oracle 26", I found myself longing once again for more speed, which lead me back to the 29".

Now I feel the 29" is “just right” for the riding I do (semi technical intermediate XC outings of 6 to 16 miles), and I love the speed :D.

One big factor in all of this was my confidence level on each uni. The 29-er is tall, and if you stall, it’s a long way down :astonished: .

Another factor turned out to be the handlebar setup I was using. My 24" had the standard grab handle and no handle “bars” to bruise me. My early 29er riding was done a Nimbus Shadow handle with a slightly shortened, up-turned bent T-bar of stock width. I got tangled up in that setup more than once, and developed an inherent fear of stalling and falling. I’ve now switched to the straight bar cut very short (instead of a longer curved-up bar), and with both ends of the “T” trimmed by 1/2", so the handle is lower and closer to the seat, and a full inch narrower. I no longer fear getting tangled up in the new handlebar setup when I fall off the front, and I’ve been able to push my riding skills more than ever before :sunglasses: . (I finally recognized and confronted my fear of handle bars when riding a demo Oracle 29 at Outerbike earlier this month – it was only equipped with the standard plastic grab handle – and I was able to ride much harder stuff since there was no handlebar to fear. :D)

Bottom line: Expect your preferred wheel size to change over time (generally increasing), and also expect that the type of riding you do will strongly influence both your preferred wheel size and handlebar configuration. Find your sweet spot (in terms of wheelsize) but don’t expect it to stay static as you improve your skills or try riding different terrain/trails.

Incidentally, my N24 now sports a 24" x 3" Felt Berm Master tire and a KH stiffener plate under the Nimbus Gel Saddle. Why? Because it’s now delegated to use for learning new tricks in an urban setting during my lunch hour, and when our trails get too snow-covered or muddy to ride. :roll_eyes:

Back on topics (sort of): The main reason I started this thread was to become aware of any new tire/tyre options for the 24" as they became available. Initially my objective was for MUni. Now I’m more interested in what folks are using on their 24" unis for street/trials.

The Berm Master 24" x 3" is okay for what I’m trying to do/learn on my 24 in the city, but has a bit too rounded a cross-sectional profile for me to give it three stars. The Duro Wildlife is totally wrong (for me) for my city riding on the 24. I wish I could try a Hookworm in 24", and I’m curious about the Halo Twin Rail, the Schwalbe Table Top and the Kenda K-Rad or Kiniption (all in the neighborhood of 24" x 2.2" - 24" x 2.3").

So, back off topic again ;): Any thoughts or observations on these more street-friendly 24" tires/tyres?


UPD in Utah

I’ve got a Schwable Crazy Bob 2.35" on my 24", which I like; I don’t think it’s quite as heavy duty as the hookworm. I got it from Chain Reaction Cycles, it was about $35 shipped to the US.

The Cheng Shin Cyclops is a super cheap hookworm-style tire that I haven’t used, but maybe when the Crazy Bob wears out (probably a really long time!). Niagara Cycles has it here.

They’re both pretty rounded profiles, though.

Yeah, the On One 24 x 4" could be fun, finally a use for the Surly 24" frame and rims. It would be a nice small wheel option for an Oregon.

Don’t expect a lightweight tire though, On One is probably using the same carcass as the Devista8or, so it’ll be ~1500gms.

I like fat tires, but they are lot of tire to push. I’m moving more toward narrower (2.4) enduro tires because they are faster and more precise, but still burly enough to take hits.

Someone needs to get one of those 24 x 4"!!

Got a extra wide hub Ben? I’d build a fat 24 :wink:

Thanks for that! You make an excellent point about how our abilities and circumstances and interests change over time, and how that affects the roles of different sizes.

I think the Halo Twin-Rail looks interesting too. I love the lime green and pink colors.

I was chatting with the guys at the bike shop today and they mentioned that you can still get the Kenda Flame cruiser tire (K1008) in 24"x3". Have you looked at that one? A few older topics on this site that mention that tire, maybe not enough to go on really. It sounds like it’s pretty cushy, even too soft possibly, but might be a contender for street/trials.

The Kenda Flame is OK for cruising. I didn’t like it in the least for trials. The sidewalls are really thin and the tread profile is weird. It’s convex in the middle and concave on the sides. It’s a very strange consistency.

Thanks! Good to know about that.

Arrow Racing Launch, 24" x 2.35"

Anybody out there tried the Arrow Racing Launch, 24" x 2.35", for street/urban riding? See the Launch tire at: http://www.arrowracing.com/home.html

It has an interesting bidirectional ramped small block tread pattern, and a reasonably strong but flexible sidewall (60 tpi). Rubber comes in at 62 duro, for what should be a good compromise between grip and longevity.

I picked one up last weekend for $35 from my LBS (Go-Ride.com) and am trying to decide whether I should keep it without the benefit of actually riding it on the roads & trails (“try it and you buy it”).

My observations (without having actually ridden the tire out side the house):

Spec. weight is 890 g. Actual weight was 1,040 g.

Mounted on an old-style 42 mm rim and pressured up with 20 p.s.i. the tire width (at the widest point lug-to-lug) is indeed 2.35".

The cross-sectional curvature is a little more rounded than I’d like, but at 20 p.s.i. it flattens out nicely due to several concentric linear cuts in the tread pattern that are aligned with the direction of travel. The tread looks really good for hardpack trails, but may wear excessively on pavement because the knobs are tiny (albeit numerous).

The sidewalls seem a bit thin compared to the Duro Wildlife, but are less flimsy than the Felt Berm Master, and substantially less flimsy than the Kenda Flame 24" x 3", and seem to be suitably strong for unicycling. (BTW, the Launch is made for Arrow Racing by Duro. How can I tell? “Duro” is molded in to the sidewalls).

As expected, the Launch doesn’t have a ton of volume, but I’m pretty sure that if it’s run at 20+ p.s.i. there’s enough volume to avoid rim hits and pinch flats. (Vertical height off the rim is about 1.625" as compared to about 2.3" for the Berm Master and Duro Wildlife – both 24" x 3.0" tires.)

So, has anyone ridden this tire?

(Ben, you mentioned it here: The "official" Muni Tyre Review Page , but I couldn’t tell if you’d actually ridden it. Here’s what you wrote: 24" Arrow Racing Launch 2.35" Good all around hard surface tyre, not a lot of volume, more of an XC trye, medium soft rubber, fairly lightweight, good construction. A good tyre for XC and lighter folks who don’t need a superduty tyre.)

If anyone has ridden this tire for street / urban, I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts. Thanks in advance for the input.

-UPD in Utah

Just wanted to let you know, that the Duro Razorback has the same pattern as the Wildlife but with less weight and more wear resistance.
See here.

Has anybody weighted a Razorback yet?

[Much time passes.] I’ve got the CST Cyclops on my 24" Sun now, riding pavement and some easy trails on it, and I’m really happy with it. It feels nimble and rolls well and it’s just generally fun to ride. Hard to beat the price too.