Odyssey Twisted PC Pedal Review

Here is a review of Odyssey Twisted PC Pedal’s:

Great review, Unihopper. I have been looking to get a new set of those recently.

Are those green pedals on your Alien Backflip Odyssey Twisted PC’s?

Thanks, yes the pedals on my Alien Backflip are Twisted PC’s.

Hey, good review, I’ve used the Odyssey Twisted PCs for years now.

Your review covered the flatland aspect but it didn’t show much light to street because it is not what you seem to ride heavily. I’ve gone easily through at least 5, probably even more pairs of these pedals, and they’re awesome. For heavy grinding and street, they are going to break and the pins do deteriorate fairly quickly on grabs and grinds (I simply mark with a sharpie on the side I ride on and the grip always stays for a long time). The side you grind on is probably going to break first, I have a couple left pedals sitting around my house for this very reason. I usually grind down to the spindle until the pedals crack or break, and the pins stay intact for this period.

While I think they’re kind of flimsy compared to other, more sturdy plastics, I ride them because the grip and feel on them is in my opinion, unbeatable (at least in the all the plastics I’ve ridden). To me, they’re just right.

Another thing, don’t go with the light sensitive pedals, they kind of suck because they will look a nasty white with a tint of your selected color most of the time. When they are activated, they look like an ugly unnatural color. Definitely not worth it considering these are usually priced a few dollars extra for the novelty factor. The glow in the darks aren’t half bad, but you’ll be seeing a lot of a cloudy white pedal again and the glow in the dark obviously runs out after a while. I think the translucents look pretty decent, but I always side with the solid colored ones (the reds look a little more on the pink side by the way).

Yeah, really nice review. I love these pedals, the only thing I have to add is that I think that the translucent ones are more brittle. I’ve ridden several pairs of the solid white/black ones and they last me months until I grind them down to the spindle, but one time I got a pair of translucent pink ones and they broke within a week when the pedal slammed the ground after I messed up a 5 spin. Now I’m back to solid black ones and they’re holding up great. :slight_smile:

Could they possibly be the glow in the dark ones or are there green chameleon pedals?

As you said, I do not ride very much street. Thank you guys for filling in on the quality of the pedals for street.

I have the translucent version in lime colour.

I have the clears! Love the platform size and grip is perfect, not too sticky, not slick. But yeah, they’ve received no abuse from my nooby self yet, so can’t comment on that part. Nice review :slight_smile:

I got 3 sets of chamelions one set on the trials unicycle one set on the MUni and one set on the PUMP b*ke. I use the crap out of these and love them.
Trails: grips great except when wet strong and doesnt hurt when you pedlal smack without leg aromor.
MUni. I like the super tectical muni with big drops and urban muni. great for this because when you mess up and get hit it doesnt hurt asmuch has the crankbros 50/50s. and CHEAP!

I went up to the bike shop to get some of these to replace my metal pedals that came on my alien backflip, and grabbed some eclats (were in the mix with twisted pc’s) I’m still learning to just ride at all, so how do the eclat’s compare with the odessy?

Thanks for the comments!

I have never tried Eclat pedals but they look fairly similar to the Twisted Pc’s, so they should be good!