Ode to Scott - my sweet new CF base

A few weeks ago I upgraded my muni’s seatbase to the ultimate: Scott Wallace’s Carbon Fibre rail-less system, which (in case you’re not aware) lets a nice bike seatpost like the Thomson attach directly to the base. I also bought one of his renowned Deathgrip handles and front-mounted brake adapters.

I decided to make a sweet little stop motion video when I received his package in the mail. I also wanted to thank Scott for his amazing effort in progressing unicycling equipment, so the stop-motion turned into an “Ode to Scott” ! The video is in quicktime, and 14 mb’s.


It’s also on my videos page:




p.s. Everyone give Gilby a huge pat on the back for fixing one of his server’s space limitations!

that was uhhhh…interesting. stop motion movies are fun… have you taken it out for a ride yet?

Nice Job!

Nice job making this film!

But i don’t think that seat is fragile! :slight_smile:


Thank you for that creative tribute. I feel honored, and at the same time just a little creepy, but that’s okay. :slight_smile: Thanks for the endorsement. It’s great to have enthusiastic customers.

I really liked the video regardless of the content. The seat/helicopter effect was cool. I kept waiting for Gumby and Pokey to appear, but that is probably lost on someone your age.


are you kinding my I remember gumby and pokey
Im 15

Nice one man
One question about your seat. Is it an air seat conversion or did you cut the foam down

Tres cool vid dood! :smiley:

It made me chuckle… I had to watch it again. Cool viddy!

I must admit I was dancing on clouds the day my package from “Wallis Design” came in. And I was singing his praises when I took it out for some trials riding. But I didn’t get anything on tape, sorry Scott!

Most definitely! And yes, it rocks. My rail adapter system used to always come loose and was a pain to fix on the trail. With this setup, if it comes loose it’s only 2 easily-accessable allen bolts. The deathgrip has already soothed my many calaces I got from my old Reeder. If you want to see me riding the new seat, check out the muni section in this video.

The cusion guts were made awhile ago by Zack Baldwin. There’s a dogbone with a tube (your normal airseat), with the perfect thickness foam on top. The insides are smothered with a KH fusion cover. It’s one of the most comfortable seat I’ve ever used!

I’m glad you enjoyed it.