no serious stuff. Just the result of a 4 day weekend.

bad film quality but oh well

please comment:)

Nice. I liked it.

Nice vid! the long line was very original ;). Keep it up!

Nice job! My favorite part was probably the line at the end where you knocked over the pallet and then jumped on it.

I’d say it was seriously fun.

That’s the kind of playful riding style that I find most satisfying, both in practice and on film. Nicely conceived and full marks for doing it on a goofy-green uni. :smiley:


i did have weirder stuff like dominoes with blocks that fell onto stuff raising up some 2X2 but it was very unreliable :thinking:

my thoughts as well although i wouldn’t call my uni goofy :frowning:

thanks everyone

Nice riding man. What was with that goofy looking trampoline?

oh… that was a new thing at a children’s play area near me its got plastic covering so uni won’t break it.
only has a 1 foot hole under it though so not easy to jump high.