NZ Unicycle Weekend

Argh! It’s over.

If you just like looking at pictures:
NZ Uni Weekend Pics

Yep, this was an awesome event and I would like to thank everyone who came to Wellington for making this the best ever (Err, the first ever) NZ Unicycle Weekend :slight_smile:

The NZ Unicycle Weekend originated from an idea I had after drinking too much coffee in the wee hours of the morning and randomly checking my email. I think I typed something stupid like: “Hey Tony, I think we should have a NZ National Unicycle event.” Several months, many frantic emails, little bits of paper and lots of phone calls later, we bring you the NZ Unicycle Weekend!

I am too tired to write much more than a brief summary:

Saturday Oct 25th:

We had lot’s of people turn up from all over NZ. Yep, All over NZ except for the South Island. And lot’s of unicyclists camped out in my living room.

Morning: We run some workshops where Tony Melton shows everyone how to jump over stairs and do 5 foot drops onto flower beds.

Lunch: We ride down the trials playground around Wgtn High School and into town for some burritos.

Afternoon: We have a violent game of Hockey. Malcolm Todd ends up with a black eye. Peter Bier throws his weight around and destroys the competition in the Unicycle Sumo. Various random games were played including Unicycle Bullrush.

Later still: We go for an urban street ride. Peter Bier rides down the stairs of Parliament, before being asked not do that. Yeah right, as if you would protest against GE or whatever by jumping off parliament steps on a unicycle :roll_eyes: . Tony Melton jumps off a seven footer, Ben rides along some stair sides with a two storey drop on one side.

Even later still: Lot’s of unicyclists cram into my living room for unicycle videos and pizza.

Sunday Oct 26th:

Morning: We run the track and field events. High jump, long jump, 100m, 400m and a unicycle limbo competition. We have the prize giving where we give away lot’s of prizes. Thanks J’ville Cycles for your cool spot prizes!

Afternoon: We head up Hawkins Hill for the MUni ride. This is one cool ride with lot’s of views of Wellington and the coast. We start at the Puffball/Mushroom radar thingee and work our way down the ridge onto the coast at Red Rocks.

Nightime: A group of hardened MUni buffs go for a night MUni ride up Mt Kau Kau with a 20W light and and LED light amongst four people. Great night views of Wellington

Monday Oct 27th:

Morning: We head to Makara Peak for a quick MUni ride that turned to a four hour epic. Half the group are sensible and turn back after playing around the trials area. I suffer from dehydration and a sore knee as I carry on with the more enthusiastic MUni riders. Tony and Rowan head down Deliverance (mega steep/technical/crazy mountain bike track). Makara Peak MTB park has some really sweet singletrack just minutes from the city, all built by volunteers.

Afternoon: They’re still keen! I take the remaining three MUnicyclists with any energy left along Korokoro stream. We turn up late as usual and get lost getting there even though it’s just down the road from my place. A solid two hours of really sweet very fast singletrack. We all end up with wet feet as there are about 15 stream crossings. Joe does a spectacular faceplant into the stream (see gallery page 4)

Even later still- Here I am. I am going to sleep now. :o ZZzzzz…

Thanks a lot Ken!

I have had a most enjoyable weekend down in Wellington for the NZUni weekend. Thanks to everyone else who turned up and participated, it was awesome to meet all the people and their many unicycles. Thanks to J’Ville Cycles for helping sponsor the event. Tony Melton arrived without bells on, but left with a bell attached due to winning the spot prize. It was good to see Steve, Tony and Peter from even though they managed to convince me to part with my remaining money.

Unless I am mistaken, I think the track that me and Tony went down was called Vertigo (not deliverance). It was insane, and without brakes I had a very tough time staying on. I walked the trickiest bits, and I still managed to fall off several times, luckily not into the dreaded gorse bushes. Like Ken I am one tired unicyclist, ready to go to bed without telling the full story of the long weekend.

I really appreciate the work and time you put into organising everything for our entertainment Ken, and also the hospitality and generosity you showed us while we visited. Everyone seemed to have a great time! Thanks!

It was great to see the revival of the NZ uni weekends. The last one we had was in 2000 and 2003 would never have happened without Ken Looi’s enthusiasm and effort.

Thanks heaps Ken! It was a great time and now I have a smurfy blue t-shirt to show off.

I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. The highlight for me was renewing old friendships and making some new ones. (Plus I got to unicycle on the parliament steps - albeit for a very short time :slight_smile:

It was also nice to take some time off from study and realise my rusty long jump skills still aren’t too shabby.

Thanks to Ken for organising the NZ uni weekend. I had a great time and I’m sure everyone else did too. Man, Wellington is blessed with some incredibly good MUni tracks and excellent trials terrain, too! …very jealous! (track envy from an Aucklander)

Yep, that track that Rowan and I did was indeed called Vertigo and was flat-out fanatastic. One of the best tracks I’ve ever ridden. Really steep and technical - rutted sections, rocky bits ‘n’ all. Good terrain for a 3" Gazz and a brake. It was the kind of trail that would have challenged me even when I rode mountain bike, so it was good to be able to ride 95% of it on one wheel. Rowan rode almost as much of Vertigo as I did, which was impressive considering he had no brake and short cranks (145mm). There was a very cool section of this track where it crossed over a bridge, turned sharply 270 degrees and looped down very steeply under the bridge. The diameter of this loop was no more than 1.5m - pretty tight! I had to ride this section twice it was so cool! Now I’ve had a taste for the hardcore steep Wellingtron singletrack I gotta hankerin’ for that Deliverance track…

Can’t wait for the next NZ Uni weekend!

Thanks again Ken and all the riders who turned up.

Yep cool, thanks. Sorry it was late, you guys did indeed do the Vertigo track.

There are heaps more trails in Welly that I would have liked to show you. Perhaps next time you pass through Welly I’ll take you up a few of the others.

I think I left a slab of honey in your car Tony :frowning:

Mmmmmmm, honey!

I haven’t seen it, but I haven’t taken everything out of the car yet. I’ll have a look for it, but.

Looks like I’ll have to change my signature soon…

I’ve found my slab of HONEY! :stuck_out_tongue: It was in the garage along with all my unicycles.

More importantly, Geoff has uploaded more photos into the NZUNi gallery. Included are pics of Peter and Geoff bouncing up the stairs of parliament :wink:

More NZUNi weekend photos