NZ Mountainbiker Magazine Issue 7. Oct/Nov '04: 9 pages of unicycling!!!

What more can I say?

Buy a copy


nice :smiley: world famous in New Zealand (or is that L&P?)

Wow your name’s on the front cover! That’s 100% ‘O’ for Awesome!


I looked through it again- if you include the short blurb on the KH 24 unicycle in the new products section, then it’s actually 10 pages of unicycling, covering UNICON (just a short article- there’s a pic of Zac Baldwin) and my Vietnam/Cambodia Unicycle tour.


Wow, that’s fantastic! 9 pages all on you in a well known MTB mag is really something to be proud of. :slight_smile:



can anybody scan this for me.
'cuz i’m from germany and we can’t buy the mag here.

mfg sebbe w.

yeah,I want to see the 9 pages of unicycling!

Ken, congratulations!! I think that would be really hard to pull off with a US MTB magazine. I just ordered a copy - shipping to the US was only NZ$12 so the whole thing came to NZ$18.95 = $12.84US.


Hi Nathan,

I was going to send you one when I got around to it :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you should write an article on your four 24hr races in four different countries. That would make a really interesting article in a MTB magazine- and is something mountainbikers would be interested in, even if they’re not into unicycling.

Please don’t scan the article here- it’s only just out! I’d love to send everyone a copy, but I can really only afford to send them to people I know. And as Nathan pointed out, it’s only US$12.84 including postage. Sorry, I don’t know why it cost so much for shipping- it’s only a NZ $3 postage stamp.



p/s: The Magazine will mainly be of interest to Coker riders/Unitourists/Adventure Unicyclists, as the UNICON article is quite short and really just reports on how I did in Tokyo.

Thanks Ken - yes I will do a 24 hour unicycle racing article sometime. I wrote to one US MTB magazine to see if they were interested and no reply. I’m too busy to work on this now, but soon I hope.

I agree about not scanning. One photo maybe, but not a whole 9 pages.


Are you going to get the correct issue? I went through the ordering pages and I didn’t see anything that let you select the issue that you want. You can select the magazine, but not the issue.

I’ll be ordering a copy. If anyone else in Washington state wants a copy we can pool an order and save a little bit on shipping. Once they get to the US it should only be about $2 or $3 each to mail out.

I’ll email the editor and ask, will get back to this post.



Ok, just got a reply from Bruce Wilson, the editor of NZMTBker. He says they don’t handle the magazine distribution, but you can email the company that does just to let them know which issue you would like:



It should be no problem to get the correct issue. I just put an explanation on the comments field when I ordered. Said something like 'I am an American unicyclist who came to New Zealand to do the Moonride solo with Ken Looi. Please send me the Oct/Nov ‘04 issue with his name on the cover.’


I’ve got a copy coming over from NZ, I’ll bring it to SWUM on the 23rd Oct if I remember…

That would be really cool Mike.


no problem, I thought you in particular would appreciate it!