NYC Unicyclists

Hey I live in NYC now. If anyone wants to meet up and ride, I’d love that. I don’t usually have access to a computer here in the city, but if anyone wants to meet up, give me a call.


It isn’t possible to have the same area code is it?
Edit: Why do you have the same are code as me and live in NYC? Did you move from Florida?

Hey what borough are you in. I unicycle in NYC alot. We should unicycle. And remember that there’s a unicycle club in NYC, the Unatics.

ya dude i rode with him a lot. jonny is the bomb and it sucks he moved.

I will be calling you soon, bro.


You got a Coker, Peacock?

Yeah man, I did. Forrest and Anna live near you though, you gotta hook up with them. They’re really good unicyclists but they are great people just to talk to as well. = ]

I live in queens. I’m not sure if that’s what you mean by borough or not. :o

No dude, you’re the bomb. You’re fearless! I have a lot of respect for you, for sure.

You’re a sick rider man. Look forward to the call!


Love the blue. = ]

I don’t have one though. = [ I have a 20" uni. We should still ride sometime though.