NUTS - November 08


Sorry I’ve lost count of how many NUTS we have held!

I seems to have been out of the loop (well, not checking new posts often enough!) to realise UnicycleJuggler organising a ride in Sheffield, and that Brendan will be in York on the 28th Aug.

Has there been an ‘official’ NUTS this year? I cant remember…

Anyways, I am busy until after BUC, but I propose a NUTS meet on 1st November (dont blame me for not telling you in plenty of time!)…

I have no preferance of where it shall be, so if you would like to host it in your city, please make yourself known!

Thanks, and keep NUT’ing


Good work organising something! This kind of thing is exactly what we need.

I’ll definately be coming. Just so long as it’s in a place thats easy to get to by train like sheffield, manchester, leeds etc.

I’ll be living in Leeds soon for university so Leeds would be my preference. Sheffield would also be good as I know the best spots from living here (and undercover spots for if it rains).

WOOHOO! I love NUTS! :wink:

Oh no not leeds! That one way system sucks you up an eats all your time and everything!

Yeah! Awsome another NUT’s, i daresay me an edd will try our best to attend.


hopfully i can make it- i have a few days holiday i have to use up this year off work or i’ll lose 'em. hopefully i’ll have enough money to make it up there (wherever it is we can hold our NUTS).

You know what? I might try and make it along.

Can we make it fancy dress?

If you make the effort to come, Ill make the effort with fancy dress :wink:

Anyone want to hold NUTS?


With outfits like this that wont be a problem at all.

With outfits like these that wont be a problem at all…

Anyone interested in hosting then?

Or where would you like it to be?



I’m going to be oop narth that weekend for definite but can’t remember which night I’m at a halloween party.

hey mate, the lyrca was out at BUC you will be please to know :wink:

Let us know, and we could decend on Macc? Would be great to see you.


I saw your neon clad buttocks on one of Edd’s photos.


I reckon that sounds like a fine plan. I don’t think I’ll have a uni up there though and depending on what night the party is I may well be mightily hung over. I’ll see if I can bring a few unicyclists along to the party. It should be reet good. The theme’s Dr Who vs The Mighty Boosh.

Decided on Manchester on 1st November.

I will work on somewhere to stay if people are interested in MUni on Sunday.
We rode near Macc with Kit last time and it was awesome!

Whos up for that then?


Heres the plan:

Saturday 1st Nov - Trials in Manchester - Meet at the station at 10:00 (I may be a little late, but I will catch up)

Sunday 2nd Nov - MUni in Macc Forrest - Meet at Macc Forrest car park at 10:00. Please let me know if you need somewhere to stay on Saturday night. Might be able to sort something out, but places would be limited!

It would be great if we could get a good little group together.

Whos coming?


Were you thinking of doing the same route as last time? If so it’s Tegg’s Nose car park not the Macc Forest one we started from last time.

It should be a groovy weekend, I’m looking forward to it.

should be able to come this. il try get some more of us from tholthorpe along for the trials.

might not be able to come to the muni though, depending on if i can find a muni and if i can get it off work and if anything else comes up that weekend


i might try to get to manchester on that day… i’ll see what i can do.

depending on costs really.

Nice one for getting this together Joe… seems like ages since the last one.

I reacon i’d be up for both days again. Definetly up for the muni, although my legs were screwed for like 3 days after that ride. But yeah no worries, will be there.