Nuts in or out!?

I just got a 19"x3" trials tube and it came with two nuts to screw it in place. The tube dips in at the valve and the one nut appears as if it holds the valve in place. Do I install the tube with one nut inside the rim and one out, or both outside?

i would say one in one out. are you sure that’s a trials tube and not a motorcross tube?


I have never seen two nuts on a bike tube valve but i would have them both out. When you tighten the second one against the first one it will lock the nuts preventing them from loosening.

It probably doesn’t make much difference either way as long as at least one is out

edit: 19X3?

I am not sure what it matters if it’s motocross tube or a trials tube. It is 19"x2.50 uninflated. I have taken both nuts off and put them on the outside, so we will see how that works and I will let everyone know. I got the tube from Tim Williamson at Trialsin.usa and it works way better that overinflating a 20x2.1 tube. I find I have way more control over tube pressure and I am sure I will never pinch it.

both nuts go on the outside… that way the threaded vaulve is better sucured if you put one on the inside your liable to have it pinch the tube.

both outside

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