NUTS #6 - Aug 07

Hey guys,

Okay, I’m still not home from NUTS #5 yet, but its time to organize NUTS #6.

I thought I was busy during August, but I’m actually not (unless I find a van by then).
If we set a date and location, Andy can pop it up on the NUTS site, and Ill get Roger to stick it up on the UK Calendar :slight_smile:

I’d say 25th, if were keeping it the last weekend of the month.

How are you getting on with Tees Pete? I like the look of the NUTS hoodies! Ive got a treat for the next NUTS meet :wink:
Also got plans for NUTS stickers… to be discussed :slight_smile:


Shall we go for Leeds as we originally planned before we all came over a bit slack and didn’t get owt organised time before last?

The weekend after could actually be better for me now I get paid monthly… I’m guessing I’ll be a bit skinty-poo the last weekend before pay day.

I think I may have some idea what treat you may have in store you stylish chap, you.

Leeds sounds good, and anytime soon after the 25th is good for me (25th is payday!)
I really want to get some more NUTs action!

Rock on!

haha, its abit kinky, Kit. Thats all I can say :stuck_out_tongue:

Edd, get back to work. Im in you house, isnt that weird!

The weekend after the 25th would be the 1st Sept. That would mean not NUTS in Aug.

It is quite a way away, but why not have Leeds on the 29th Sept, as NUTS #7.
We can still hold NUTS #6 somewhere on the 25th, if Dale, Andy, Matt etc could make it? Just a though.


OOooo leeds sounds good, or halifax maybe? should do a roadtrip one day, on the train, get an all day yorkshire side ( or lancashire side) ranger and just go where ever whenever? could be interesting!

25th at leeds would suite me :slight_smile:

i tell a lie, isnt that the same weekend as leeds fest? cos if it is i cant do both …:frowning:

Yeah, mate, Leeds Festival is 25th Aug.

Anyone else?


I may be able to make it, bit early to tell so far, I will talk to a friend at the end of week and hopfuly we will both be able to come.

EDIT: Not looking so good anymore, looks like its going to take almost 7 hours and cost over £100 for two of us :frowning:

i’m up for it if i can get to leeds for quite cheep, i’ll see

i got bored, so i made a poster.

its not very good but i’ll get over it.

nuts one.bmp (1020 KB)

Nice poster.

So who should actually be in attendance?
Hopefully me an Edd will be.


Yeah i shall definatly be breaking my nuts virginity (Y)
Anyone planning on doing on the train from the lancashire side? saves me haveing a long journey on my own then :stuck_out_tongue:

if i go ill be getting the train from manchester

Cool, well if we time it correctly, the train should sotp at littleborough, were i shall join you :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to come to this but unfortunatly im in Llandudno :angry:
Hopefully I will make the next one seing as I’ve only made the first NUTS

I’m actually down to be working on that date but I’ll see if I can do a swap with someone.

There’s nothing wrong with being in Llandudno, except you’re not allowed to cycle on the prom. But there’s some gentle muni to be had on the Orme.

I have nothing against Llandudno its a very nice town…just I’d rather be Leeds with lots of uni-ists. I’d like to try some Muni in Llandudno but I don’t own a Muni…Yet.



NUTS 6 is the same date as MMMM!!!
[SIZE=3]No doubt lots of people will be going to MMMM instead of NUTS…

Why don’t we do it the next weekend, the 1st of September?