NUM (National Unicycle Meet)

How many people are going to attend the upcoming National Unicycle Meet this
coming July? A Unicycle meet is a great way to increase your unicycle ability
and share in the unicycle culture. So if you can afford the time, it is well
worth it. If your unicycling is a bit rusty, a NUM is a great place to get back
that unicycle fever.

Some Unacceptable Excuses for Not Attending: I haven’t unicycled in 20 years
Since I live in New Zealand it is too far away I can’t afford it because I spent
all my money on the IJA festival I can’t find Adrian, Michigan on the map

The NUM registration is in the latest On One Wheel (OOW). If you need a copy let
me know and I can get one to you by either FAX or snail mail.

Also if anybody has questions about the meet, I will try to find the answer.

Andy B. Cotter CAE UW - Madison !NUM '93!