nude unicyclist spotted at the Portland Oregon, nude cycle parade

a friend spotted a nude unicyclist; he was painted red with wings, at a police- escorted nude cycle parade in Portland Oregon.

Anyone know who it was?

I think it was part of this

I think it was probably either JC or Donald Rumsfeld.

Why do you want to know?

It’s no big deal, Nuni - Nude unicycling. I’m sure a lot of us do it. Statistically it is underreported.

For your saddle:

Portland is a great place to ride your bike and an even better place to do this naked. . . .

As for your question, its a guy named Pete that wore that same get-up last year. He rode my unicycle last year for 5 seconds and the red was on my saddle for a couple of months. . . and no, if you were wondering about this, I don’t really stress about others naked juices/ju ju on my saddle . . . .(no fabreeze needed IMHO) I guess that makes me some sort of damned dirty hippie??

When Petes not showing off his bright red junk on his giraffe, his other skills include tall bike jousting on his giraffe uni against other tall bikers . . he almost always wins from what I have seen.

I don’t think Pete is on here (RSU) at all.

That said, it was a heck of a good ride and pics can be had here, but as you can guess, they are totally NSFW or home if you got little chillins around. I’m piloting the high/low tall tandem wearing the stylish “knob and tube ceramic insulator” based mini kilt that I put together for the ride:

Others generally interested in naked unicycle riding should get a ticket to Burning Man 2011. I know several of us on here have gone in the past and there are so many opportunities there to let your freak flag fly in the naked uni ridin’ department . . .and just about any other freak flag you been keeping stowed/hidden in your closet.
Cheers, Brycer1968

Someone should do uni version.

naked pipes.jpg

Harper, I didn’t say that I ride nude. If I did though I would use Butt Mints.

Nude giraffe uni jousting is a little beyond my personal taste but to each their own.

Naked unicyclists look like they have a pot-bellied Troll with a purple hat in their laps.

Yes…I rode nekkid once. Being red-headed and pale…they implored me to stop. too much white meat covered in red fluff.


The photo of Pete on is beyond awesome. Special congratulations and well wishes to him even if he doesn’t read them! Do you know if he free mounted the giraffe? That would be one of the most impressive unicycle feats I can imagine.

Nice stoker there, Bryce. How can I get me one of those?

Going to Burning Man this year?


It will have been part of World Naked Bike Ride.

There was one on the Bristol ride yesterday as well. It was me.

Yes, the stoker was a friend of a friend that was looking for a fun ride and was actually strong enough that I barely had to pedal at all (any tandem pilots wet dream, right?). Her one condition was that I cover the . . . . um . . . crack with something . . . . hence the mini kilt.

Yes, I should be seeing you and the other uni riders down at Black Rock City. . . .looks like a go on my end. You get child care arranged?? Or is it the locked hallway closet for them?


Sorry, I only saw assisted mounting off of truck loading docks and such. . . . weird thing is that he ended up leaving his camera on the ground by our group after the ride and then he left it there. I’m trying to contact him to get it back to him . . . . and yes, there are some other fun pics on the camera as well.
If by chance Pete reads this, contact me to get your camera back.


A group of us weren’t in Portland but still participated in spirit by riding in the Solstice Cyclists near Seattle. There were 600+ painted riders, regardless of the weather. Here is a PG version of our ride, aint nothin’ there but paint!

BTW: skin sticks to uni seats. :astonished:


Hahaha, I love the way all the paint has rubbed off on the inner thighs of the unicyclists. Those guys CLEARLY weren’t wearing chamois butt’r, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think I could stand nekkid unicycling. The way the skin would stick to the saddle is… blech.

Is the guy in the middle just riding with socks?

Actually, they look like Vibram Five Finger Toe Shoes. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? They pretty much revolutionized the running world. They balance out the pressure that is typically put on a runner’s knees. They put a lot of it on the ankles, really.

I have a pair and they’re WONDERFUL. :3

Yes, they are toe shoes and he loves them.

And yes, severe saddle sores were common amongst the team. Luckily, I tried riding nude a few days earlier and discovered the issue very quickly. So I took the front and back bumpers off my seat, wrapped it in a kitchen towel, then replaced the bumpers. Quite comfortable and warmer in the cool weather, had no issue at all with sores. Will definately do it again.

Clever of you to use the bumpers as the towel anchor.

Hopefully the towel was soft. A lot of my kitchen towels would start to burn!