Now sorted 29” or 32” unicycle wanted in England

29” or 32” wanted

Hi everyone, I’ve been unicycling now for 4 years on/off and currently own a 24inch nimbus venture and Ive been borrowing a 27.5” to try out a larger wheel but I’ve decided I would prefer to get a 29 inch or 32 inch unicycle as it will be better for me as I plan to do more longer distances this year. If anyone has a 29 inch or 32inch for sale in England please let me know. I’m in Hampshire but happy to travel. Thanks

Are you on Facebook if so have a look at this page for second hand unicycle. Also keep an eye out on here as well.

Hi, I am in the group and have just put up a post there aswell. Thanks

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I have a 29 road from France