nova scotia/new brunswick rides?

In about a week I will be goin to Nova scotia/New brunswick for a couple weeks. I know Kevin McMullin lives around there, so I know there are riders. I was wondering if you guys have any rides?

Please pm me, email me (, or post up if someone wants to ride;)


no i dont but i have a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrever :smiley: .

i c…

pointless post lol but what ever

So no rides? O well i guess I will be riding alone then .

another bump lol :wink:

common, theres gotta be some riders…

well I guess this is another bump

pm 180unispin, he lives in saint john. kevin might be back, just pm him, he’s a nice guy. his username is tugboat. those are the only two I know of that live in NB.

Ya I did pm kevin already, he said he didnt have his uni, so…

I will probly just end up riding naturals on the beach anyway so w.e