Not strong enough to do Street?

As I’ve been unicycling recently a thought came to me. I was wondering if I was strong enough to do street. When I try flipping doubles when doing a zero plant, the unicycle wobbles everywhere when its off the ground. I thought maybe I’m not strong enough to hold it in place but I also considered that it could just take practice but I’m not sure. also with 180 unispins, i just cant get 180. Every attempt, the unicycle spins about 90dg so i end up on the ground with pedal bite. Maybe I’m not strong enough keep the unicycle up in the air?
(the weight of the kh wheel does feel heavy)

I really don’t know if this would be the case or not but its just a thought. Would this be true? Consider that I turned 13 in April, all my friends are taller me but quite alot and Im waiting to go through a massive growth spurt.


nah man it just comes with practice. it probs helps to be a bit stronger though…

unless you either… can not lift the unicycle at all
or can not unicycle

then i is just practice:)

Strength helps a little, but 180 unispins are easy to spin even if you’re weak. Anyway you can 180 jump mount, it takes the same amount of strength as a 180 unispin.

If you get good now when you beef up you’ll be awesome.

I turned 13 in march. I have a Quax muni which weighs over 6 and a half kilos.
I havnt practised 180 unispins much but i can get 180, i just dont have the confidence to land it. Dunno, practise i guess? I usually go by the motto-

Anyone can do anything, with enough practise

strength definitly helps, but i doubt that your too weak to do a 180 unispin. and don’t worry, you’ll grow soon.

I think that you will get stronger as you practice more. That just makes sense.

Don’t worry about it, strength has less to do with it than confidence and technique, with proper technique it won’t really matter how strong you are as much, but it will certainly help to be stronger.

Confidence is probably what is holding you back at this point. Anyone should be able to do a 180 unispin, I’ve even seen someone who couldn’t ride do one (he stood on the cranks), its just all in your head.

Can you spin the uni 180 when your standing beside it?

thanks everyone, so it isn’t strength, just a though!:slight_smile:

well there’s a trick called a side spin which is where your in the air and you spin the uni like a unispin but your body is behind the unicycle, so, while it is spinning you bring your body to the front and land it (if that makes sense).

So I guess you could like a 180 sidespin mount or something

he’s asking you personally.

exactly, i was wondering if you had the physical strenth to spin somthing weighing 7 or so kilograms.

Like what Felix Dietze does in softmotion, yah.
except he does 360

Nope, and we have the video evidence to prove it.

Anyways, here’s the link.

Sideways 360 jumpmount at 0:06 and 360 sidespin at 0:26.

And thanks to Felix for getting me into freestyle to begin with.