Not good, but having fun

Hi all,

Started working on unicycling again after a long break and enjoying the experience. We have 4 weeks in the Big Apple with no shortage of concrete so a good time to get some practice in. I’m not close to being good. But at least seeing small improvements every day.

I somehow stripped the threads in the left crank arm over the weekend. The LBS put a helicoil in and it seems fine. The mechanic said sometimes they strip “with excessive pressure or many miles”. Funny, because there can’t be more than 5 miles on the thing (Torker LX 24). Lots of falls though, so maybe that made a difference.

Anyway, excited to keep learning something “impossible” and having fun. So much good info here, and people are very civilized and friendly.

Thanks and take care!

  • Mark

Welcome to the crew.

Metal petals falling on hard surfaces can be hard on crank threads, and if you have been trying to idle or ride backwards sometimes things will loosen through precession. Learning is hard on equipment :joy:.

I’m sure you will get better as you go, the trick is to keep having fun :+1:


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