fredrik and me, drop a comment :slight_smile:

Nice :smiley: Some cool lines and tricks :smiley:

Didn’t liked the song, but everything except that was really cool! :wink:

wow :astonished:

the hicktriple was really amazing kris!!!

really liked the video and the editing!



Awesome, great to see another vid from norway.

Awesome awesome riding. I liked the combos and creative tricks more then the triples.
Lee’s trick onto the opposite crank looked nice and Fredrik that wall plant was amazing, best trick I’ve seen since…? Ever? Yeah best trick ever.

Do you find the rollo discs help much?


I watched this the other day. Nicely done, its nice to finally see some more from you guys.

Nice Vid, needs more comments!


Very cool video, saw it a few days ago.

I liked the little combo at 2:53 ish. Didn’t look to hard, but it sure looked nice!

really nice guys, loving the white tire with the longneck too looks wicked.

stylish. I liked the song, as well as your tricks

I’ve also seen one of you two-the one with the white tyre- in the flatland comp. in unicon,didn’t I?

Anyway,a really nice video.Music was good,locations wonderful,and the tricks wooo.Would like to enumerate every part i liked,but they’re too much.

Good work

Loved it, nicely edited and good riding from both. I’m looking forward to seeing more vids!

very nice riding,editing… :roll_eyes:
what are the music names :stuck_out_tongue:

cool video!!! :slight_smile:

The intro song is ‘My french connection’, by Philter.
The other song is ‘Walkabout’, by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Good riding, both of you guys plus the soundtracks far out man. I like your style.

Is Kristian riding a devil frame??? Looked like a longer neck than the devil
I enjoyed the video a lot