Northwest Muni Meet

Wer’e thinking of holding a big Northwest Muni Meet (although people from all over the country can attend!!) Were thinking of basing it in Preston Which is about 30 minutes North of Manchester, Could you e-mail us if you think you would like to attend or help organise anbd we can sort out a date, we are thinking some time in july over a weekend, we will arrange some trials comps. and some Muni comps. There are fells and good Muni hills with in 20 minutes drive of Preston.
Thom Gornall

We are currently planning a BMW in May/June in South Wales and another in September in Cumbria. Nothing formal arranged yet. I believe there is also a Cumbria Muni day in mid July but I don’t know much about this. Apart from that, the more Muni the better.


EDIT - forgot to add Red Bull is 25 -26 Jun, EuroCycle is 15 - 18 July and Unicon is 23 July to 1 Aug. Might be wise not to clash with these (especially RedBull)