Northstar Videos from today

Me and Colin (ColDawG) went to Northstar at Tahoe (in California) today, and got some sweet videos.
They’re on page 8 of the Free4All Gallery
starting w/ Colin_Logride and ending with Colin_TechnicalLine_1
Tell us whatcha think!!

BTW: As usual, it looks WAY less steep on video, and some of the little rocks and stuff (that make it challenging) you can’t see.
These were all shot on single- and double-black diamond runs (and a terrain park)


-Trey and Colin

Edit: We both cleared all the sections pictured on the video (except Colin’s log rides and trey’s “testing line”, and the lines we fell on we ended up clearing)

Awwwww dude! You shoulda called me up! I live 30 minutes away!

what?! why didnt you let me and DudleyDoRide come over last year and eat all your food?

our motel was an hour away.

I had offered to put 4 people up in my house, and Immediately I got a father and two sons wanting to stay, then a week beforehand, they backed out.

sorry catboy, we might ride again, but did u guys like the videos?

Nice preview.

A group of us are going up on Saturday.

…you’re welcome to join us Catboy.

catboy, ru sure u have 2 work that day?:frowning:

You live reno. I live in sparks! u should join my team man.

That loose dirt makes steep technical Muni about twice as hard. Keeping traction on those clips looks pretty grim.


dude catboy, u me coldawg and kris should ride this week! it wood be awsome if we could go with the santa cruz people too

that’s a good idea i dunno if i could go this week with my relatives comin but we should go riding one of these days

we are all riding on saturday it turns out at northstar and instead of conversation, did u like the videos, or not

decent movies. I think it would be more fun to ride than watch movies of though :slight_smile: Looks like some really cool terrain though.


All these riders in my area. We have to ride, THIS SUNDAY.

I work on Saturday, and am bound by contract to be there, so there is no way I could come on the ride saturday.

But I’m free all day on sunday, so if you guys wanna meet up somewhere in Reno, like maybe Rattlesnake Mountain Skatepark, which is right in a nice spot in town.

Or we could head up to a sick muni trail nearby.

Call my Cell, anytime (775)-762-9591.

…maybe next time Catboy!

If you guys wanna go for a ride sunday, I was gonna ride The McCarran to Poeville trail. It’s a sweet 13 mile down and back trail, with tonse of singletrack, rocky stuff and junk to play on. Even if you’re tired out from saturday’s ride, I’d have no problem shortening it to a little less if you wanted.

Or we could ride THIS SWEET TRAIL.

Either one, they’re both awesome, challenging rides. With lots of versatility.

Heck, we could even go out to eat afterwards and make a day of it. Either way, I’m still going riding on Sunday.

P.S. If things don’t work out, Jess and Zack were gonna come and stay at my place in August, I’m sure we could schedule a ride then.

Well, I’m going up to Galena(the second trail) on sunday for a ride, If anyones interested, call or PM me.

I’m hoping to get some people together.

i might be, ill see if im sore after ns

let me know when you guys (trey + colin) post the stuff from yesterday’s group ride at northstar.

for everyone else: we had a blast riding northstar yesterday. there were 7 muni riders. me, trey, colin, chris labonte, mike s., beven, and jess.