Northern UK MUni and Trials Days

Okay, after plently of people expressed intrest in an earlier thread, I’ve started this one.

Basicly, what we are planning on doing, is organising an informal meeting in different places, to spend the day unicycling.

What we need, is your suggestions. We dont wanna go places no one knows, we need to know the best places to ride… the places YOU ride!

This is still in its early stages, but please feel free to add suggestions as to how we can organise it most efficently, and most importantly really, where to ride! This can either be close to where you live, your local city (for Urban Trials/Street), or maybe Forests for MUni, or natural trials… remember, this is northern uni days… I’m sure we will be able to organise National, or southern ones soon…

I’m sure I have more to say, but I cant think of it atm… if ive missed anything it will get posted soon :stuck_out_tongue:



sounds good im mad for it, dont really know any where up north though except we really should organise a day at stoke street plaza which is sort of north

lucas… you are, erm, rather south! Pleased you up for it though - as long as u dont mind abit travel :stuck_out_tongue:

When this takes off ill be looking to set them up all over the place… so long as people want it!


yeh i know but ive got my drivin test early febuary for a start and also trains are good, n f**k it its unicycling, we went to switzerland to get drunk with other unicyclists ill go to bloody newcastle

Hell Yeah!

Im well up for this. I am sort of middle-ish of the country, but hopefully will be driving soon so will be able to travel quite far.

Do you need any help organising any rides around my way?

Cant wait for more details!

Rock on!

Yeah, passed my test a little while ago now… does make me wanna do stuff like this more, but sometimes it is cheaper/easier to get the train! haha.

Yeah, getting drunk in Switzerland… oh and some unicycling too!
Maybe we could arrange and wkend up in Newcastle… THINK! Dont drink and drive - Drink and RIDE!!! haha


*please note i do not reccomend riding under the influence of drink or drugs, if you want reccomendations, talk to DarkT :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, thats what we want mate. Tell us exactly where you/the ride is, what type of riding it is, and hopefully we will get pleanty of suggestions…

the next step, after finding a good location, is to try and organise a date. I think this should be left up to the organiser (where we are riding!) as they will obv need to ‘lead the way!’.

Anyone interested in one before Christmas?


I often go trials riding in Milton Keynes. Its good for trials and street, there are loads of marble ledges, drops, gaps and weird “arty” statues.

Please note: None of the above pictures were taken by me, I just stole them from google images to give you an idea of the stuff that is there to ride. Unfortunatly, there are no pictures of the main spots, which are about a thousand times better than any in the above pictures!

Leo and I were going to organise a “London ride” type ride there soon after christmas. I think this is the call we have been waiting for. Anyone up for it and willing to travel there?

Got quite a bit on before christmas, I dont know if I would be able to make it to a ride before.


Rock on!

Milton Keynes. Is that up north?

I’m totally up for that too, takes about an hour and a half for me to get to Newcastle by train, so that’s no problem. I’m not too good before Christmas either but afterwards I’m pretty flexible.
Glad to see something is actually coming together. Can I ask, what is the format? Do we want it to just be a meet or a ride or is it actually gonna have more structure eg. a trials course/possible competitions etc.?


Depends if you are in Watford or Towcester :wink:

the only places i ride is on my own town, and the spots arnt big enough to hold a vast amount of people.

If your going to manchester or nearby me, we could go around my town first then catch the train, although im not sure.

ill be up for going anywhere up north, but i have exams in early January.

oh and if you like Muni i can see Rivington pike from my. if only been there once and that was on a 20" if i ever get a 24" it will be hard to drag me away, i had so much fun when i went, with a few people on here. I’ve always wanted to go again.

bye bye dale

As I mentioned in the other thread… Macclesfield Forest 17th December if anyone fancies it. If people need a sofa to kip on they’re available. It’s dead easy to get to Macclesfield from Manchester… Only two stops away on the Intercity train.

I’ll talk to me mams blokey and see if I can blag him into taking a van load of unicycles up to the top of the forest. I usually ride back into the bustling hub of Macclesfield via a pub or two at the end of the ride which makes the transport thing easier still.

If people are up for it we could hit a couple of trials spots in Macc after the Muni.

Thats a good shout, loads of varying muni riding around there. I’ve been there a few times now so could arrange something in the new year. Dale fancy buying my black KH :wink:

If you’re talking as far south as Manchester, you could go to the Peak district too. Some of the best really big technical rides in England, lots and lots of rocks and mile long technical descents.

It’s easy to get to by train too.


think were only talking about 3/4 maybe 5 people to start with… until this baby takes off!

Kit, Ill see what Matt is doin on the 17th, it sounds good!

Yeah Joe the Peak district would be great… there is nothing stopping us going over there :slight_smile: Where are you anyways, did i read you were out the country, or is that just next year (BUC time!)?


Let’s go to Manchester city!

Let’s go to Manchester city![SIZE=2]

  • It's BIG with lots of concrete, urban trials
  • It's close to many people (Dale, Dom, Me etc...)
  • It's BIG
  • It has THIS skatepark!
[U][B]Projekt MCR (Skatepark)[/B]

[/U]I emailed them and asked them if they’d let us meet at the skatepark and they said they’d be happy to have a mini-convention there.

[B]Let’s go! :slight_smile:


PS. Some pictures of the Projekt MCR skatepark below, for the street riders :smiley:

Doesn’t it look Good!

[U]A Name?

[/U]How about
North Urban Trials

OOh, Can I make the website?!
I’m nothing on GILD (bless his name) but I’m pretty decent and I’d just LOVE it.

Hey guys - I’d love to get to Macc forest - but I have tickets for the mighty IRON MAIDEN at newcastle arena that day. gah.
Yeah if anyone ever want to ride in Newcastle anytime just say



I remove credit for the name, Mr BoogieJuice came up with it first:

Great minds think alike :roll_eyes: .