North Texas Unicycle Day

i will add your name to the list, but we really just wanted to ge tan idea of
how many people were interested. Im sure we could also scrounge up some hockey
sticks and sort of fake it with smaller teams. If the fort worth guys come,
there would probably be enuf , yes ? by the way, writing to is how you post it, i think… -danny
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> unicycle day
> I would go to Unicycle Day but I don’t know how to get there, and my parents
> won’t let me (I’m 17, and I just recently ruined my cars suspension). However,
> the point of me writing you is that I would like to play unicycle
> hockey. I’m going to UNICON XI next year, and playing hockey there would be
> bad ass. If you added me to the group of people going to Unicycle Day, that
> would be a full team. Of course, we’d need someone to play.
> I would post to the newsgroup but I don’t know how.
> Jim
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> Ok, I have listened to everyone’s day requests and here is a day I think we
> will all like :
> Saturday April 14th.
White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas.

> What do you think ? Does anyone want to bring hockey sticks and try to play ?
> Here are the people who have expressed interest so far : Mark Stephens Chuck
> Webb Greg House Danny Fletcher Jim Rybarski And I am assuming the Fort Worth
> Uni-psychos will be interested…

Re: North Texas Unicycle Day

You can count on the Fort Worth Uni-Psychos. Look forward to meeting everyone.
Please e-mail me with time and location info. fasthand@(no spam)
note: remove no spam from e-mail address. thanks, Brad Johnson Fort Worth

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