North Shore Extreme III

Another item I just bought from is the new North Shore
Extreme III video. It has quite a bit of footage of Kris Holm on various
diabolical trials courses. And this footage is UNBELIEVEABLE! The bike stuff is
sick as well, but Kris shows that a unicycle can go where I would’ve sworn it’s

There is so much good footage: bikes on snow, wild riding at night, wild riding
at night in the snow, urban games, leaping between and off buildings, Muni over
a see-saw on top of a see-saw, etc etc, it never lets up. Oh, and do you like to
watch absolutely terrible crashes? I thought you did. And they’re not all bike
crashes either.

After watching it last night, we thought that Kris may be doing the most of
anyone to increase the popularity of Muni. Everyone who buys this video for the
biking will be exposed to Muni, even though it isn’t mentioned on the cover at
all. Maybe some young kids will decide to lose their training wheels after
seeing what Kris can do.

The URL is
and it’s slightly wrong: the video is just under 60 minutes rather than 45. Well
worth the price!


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