North Dakota Newspaper article...

Grand Forks, North Dakota: The Grand Forks Herald published this brief article on unicycling in the 21 July 2008 edition of the newspaper (see below). Unicyclists in the greater Grand Forks area, especially students attending the University of North Dakota, are encouraged to join the Dakota One Wheel Society (DOWS). :slight_smile:

Great!! We always like to see unicycles in the news media. Hope they find an indoor place to ride this winter.

Not in Sunny Florida

I ride a 29er 5-6 miles per day. Get lots of compliments but no one wants to join in a club. We have beautiful weather almost year around but unicyclist in Grank Forks ride. I live across the river in nearby Crookston, MN and the winter is cold, so is unicycling a summer sport only?