North Coast 500 -- Scottish Roadtrip

I stumbled across a report today on the BBC News website; it is about a unicycle trip round the Scottish “North Coast 500”, or NC500 as it has become known, by someone who started to unicycle during one of the Covid lockdowns. As the name suggests is a 500 mile circular route round the far North coast of Scotland. As he says, he is probably the first unicyclist to do this, very well done to him for his achievement.

I did a search for “North Coast 500” and NC500 and didn’t find anything so I thought I would post this in its own thread for future reference and perhaps spark someone’s interest. The NC500 has become very popular with motorhomes, motorbikes and cars alike (which is perhaps a bit controversial up here). It is also a pretty popular cycling trip as evidenced by various charity rides, record attempts and, of course, YouTube videos. It goes through stunning scenery and pretty wild places, so if that of interest to you it might be worth a look.

Anyhow, the report which initiated this thread:

The NC500 website:

I’ve seen some posts on Facebook from him and it seemed like a very ambitious undertaking for his level, so I have a whole lot of respect for finishing!

I’d love to see a good breakdown on distance per day, logistics etc…

Indeed, I also followed his progress on Facebook. I’m very impressed and inspired.

Yes, it is a pretty bold statement to go and do that with not a lot of experience – even with experience! I know the road and I’m sure there had been temptation to throw the unicycle into the heather and forget about it all. I take my hat off to him for sure.

I followed him and I think he was averaging about 20 miles a day with things like hills, heavy traffic and high winds requiring quite a bit of walking. An impressive feat in any case. See more on Bruce Rose’s facebook page.

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The NC500 is quite a challenging route… or at least the west side. Bruce took about a month, but he was very inexperienced at the time… I would suggest it would be a nice 2 weeks of riding :slight_smile:

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