Norco: the good parts?

I hear that basically Norco uni’s are entry level - kids quality. They
don’t sound like they stand up very well especially when an adult is riding
them. But are there some bits that are useable? Like if you upgrade the
wheel would the frame be durable enough? Or is it the cranks that will go;
the hub…? Just wondered if there was anything worth salvaging if one
came across a Norco at the right price.


Well, depends on WHICH norco you are talking about. If you are talking about the soon-to-be-released Kris Holm designed Norco unicycles, then virtually every part of it will be good enough as is. But, I assume you are talking about the old release by Norco, and for that, you are mainly correct. They are not quite entry level, (ie, savage unicycle) but certainly aren’t designed to stand up to much abuse. I assume that the frame is probably fairly strong as it’s made by a bike manufacturer, but there won’t be much in the other components that’d be worth saving is my guess, unless you just need something to ride on, nothing else. With that said, it should be noted that I’ve never actually ridden on a Norco uni, but I just pieced things together based on what other people have said, and on the price as well.

Norco has three models for sale at present.
Uni on right- description below
20" and 24" freestyle: Comes with-
Viscount seat(acceptable)
steel cranks (So-so)
Lollipop Bearing holders(if you are larger and/or trying bigger drops/hopping you may break the frame where the bolts go in to hold the bearing holders)
Steel frame- (fine but see above)
1.75" street tire (a freestyle tire- works)
28 spoke chrome singlewall rim (the weakest link on this unicycle. The 24" will taco real easily, but the 20" is a little stronger- I’ve hopped down stairs and stuff)
20" Mountain Unicycle
Same frame, seat
Lasco pedals(infamous for bending)
36 spoke hub and doublewall alloy rim (much stronger than the chrome rim)
knobby tire- don’t know brand

I’m not sure of current prices, but the regular 24" freestyle costs around $130CDN and the “Mountain Unicycle” around $200CDN.
Availability might not be good right now, with the high-end unicycles from Norco coming out shortly. I was unable to order parts from Norco through my LBS in July, but they were available earlier, parts such as a new wheel, cranks.

If you are considering a used one, do not get an older Norco-branded unicycle with cottered cranks.

Let us know what you end up getting