Norco M-Uni Review

A few weeks ago I purchased a
new Norco M-uni stock it came with
a dx32 tire which is really awesome
and which really helped me out.
The unicycle was a lot better than the
Torker CX with a bent rim that I
had used before. Overall this unicycle
has suffered and taken all that I have
done at my 6’0’’ 200 Pound self, the
fat offroad tire that it came with
was very easy to ride over gravel,
dirt, road, even giant rocks. (we have
a lot of these in Yellowknife)
Anyways I would suggest anyone
buying this unicycle, because it is truly

actaully it says Muni on the frame and its a 20" unicycle and the only good thing on it is the rim/tire no splined ub or crank… not good i ahd that unicycle i totaly disagree with you DO NOT BUY

The DX-32 is the rim, not the tyre.

haha no duh… the tire is a 2.5 luna