norco 20" off road

At my local bike shop thats all they have is it a good buy for 245$??
or should I buy

I will be learning on this uni and hopefully do a couple of jumps
and off road. :thinking:

get the second one, with KH ISIS cranks.

ya It looks better but I don’t like buying online :angry: I’l try to find one in stores . :thinking:

What’s wrong with buying online? is perfectly safe.

Are you in Canada?

I would say definatly don’t buy the norco either way. But if you are in Canada I would say don’t buy from UDC USA, there is a Canadian one that should be open now.

The Nimbus ISIS is a rediculously better uni than the Norco. I had it and only a few weeks after buying it, I was already regretting it.

Ntappin. Where did this site come from? Is this Brians new site?

It’s not Brian’s site but he will have identical prices…

That’s why I said $255 (CAN) for the Nimbus in a difrent thread

Any idea whose site this is Eric?

Found some info myself. They are located in Calgary. Still not sure who has headed this up though.

1134 Memorial Dr NW
Calgary, ALberta, Canada
Tel: (403)668-0452
*** Call before visiting