Noob here, advice please?

Hi ive not really looked at unicycling before as i am a true mountian bike freerider (well almost) but the other day when passed a bike shop on the way to a skatepark there was a unicycle outside forsale at £50 it seemed just plain, there wasnt any makers logo on it or anything and i was wondering if its worth it and how much should one cost me? i want to try and use it for trials use as ive recently sold my 20" trials bike so it could be a cheaper alternative!

if you want to do trials than you should get a trials unicycle. Where are you loacted?


Unicycling is a great sport, and very addictive. It is similar to mountainbiking or BMX in some ways, but incredibly different in other ways. If you search these forums, you will find links to videos of what can be achieved on a trials uni, and various stories about what adventures can be had on off road/cross country/mountain unicycles.

As for buying your first uni. Buy cheap, buy twice. The sort of uni you see languishing in the window of the local bike shop is usually not very good for anything except learning to ride on. You wouldn’t buy a $100 mountainbike and expect it to be as versatile as a good quality one. You can’t learn to play music on a cheap instrument. (Add similar examples of your own.:slight_smile: )

Far better to buy something from someone who knows about unicycles. Pay a bit extra and get a machine that makes you want to ride it.

Here’s a link to some food for thought:

You may want to consider buying an inexpensive uni for your first one if you want to try out the sport without investing a lot to begin with. I rode a lot when I was in high school and then didn’t pick it up again until I was 47. When I did start again, I purchased a “pre-owned” Schwinn that I used to learn the sport again. As you will find out, when you learn to ride a uni, it’s very hard on the uni. In fact, you’ll probably do some major damage to it as you learn to ride and freemount (getting on it without leaning on anything, like a mailbox or a stranger’s shoulder :smiley: ). Once you’ve learned the basics and are convinced you’re into riding a unicycle, buy the best one you can. This forum is loaded with advice on any style of riding.

Just another viewpoint to consider.


I bought a Torker CX to learn on and have ridden it to where i have thought it would break and, have had it for 1 year with only 6 months of it being really hard on my Uni and I just bent my pedal yesterday so Have Fun!

Well from my limited knowledge , i would like a trials uni prefereably with smaller wheels (20" ) as it would be easier for me to get parts as i have acouple of 20" tyres and rims lying around , the price would probably be stupidly low around £40 ??? as thats how much i could buy a trials bike for off ebay now, so if its loads more for my first one i might as well just buy a 20" trials bike again also i live in england (manchester area ) so baring all that in mind…as well as bending things like pedals and seatpost’s dont really matter as ive got pleanty of bike ones lying around what do you guys reckon i should do?

Check =UDC you should be able to find a great trials unicycle there and it shouldnt cost too too much. And trials rims are 19" not 20 so regular 20" tires wont fit them.

i dont really want to spend in access of £100 to buy a unicycle i might not ride as much as i would like also ive spent £600 on my bike this year and seeming as im still in school and dont have a job i only have £50 max, im not bothered about quality, i just want something i cna ride atfirst and then try hops and stuff when i get abit more advanced and ill just upgrade stuff when it breaks.

Cheap ones can last for a long time if you don’t go too crazy with them. My brother got a really cheasy one that lasted through two years of jumping. You just can’t take them off of high jumps, 2 or 3 ft would be the max you’d want to drop off of with a cheap brand x unicycle.

If you want to try out the sport then just buy the cheap one and upgrade later if you really get into it.

i havn’t really understood the point of trials on a bike compared to trials on a unicycle … you USE the same # of wheels when you do tricks