Noob error after 2.5 years of riding

Today I went riding on my Nimbus Oracle 32". A total of 15km (10 miles doesn’t sound so far ^_^). It is a really comfortable uni.

Anyways after the first 10 metres, as I wanted to reposition my dominant foot I shot off the pedal and down I went. This twisted my handle bars, so after 3kms I came to a bench and decided to straighten things out again. Also thought the seat was too high, so set it down as far as I could. Because my Allen keys were out, decided to check all bolts and I had to tighten the crank bolts. So all was in tip-top shape again and I wanted to continue my ride, but… the wheel was stuck and wouldn’t budge. First I thought something happened to the brakes, which I hadn’t touched. Then I checked the crank bolts, thinking that maybe they stopped the wheel from turning, which is a stupid notion, because the pedals are always stuck to the wheel.
After wasting 10 or so minutes of time on what the problem could be, I noticed that the seat post had come so far down that it was stuck in the tire. I had forgotten that the pipe where the seat post goes in was open at the bottom.

On the positive side, I had to free mount twice when there were peeps around and both those times I mounted the first time. Only when mounting when there was nobody around, did it take a few tries, always coz of overthinking things.

Happened to me before. Wondering why the wheel wouldn’t turn. Trying the brake. “What the…?” Then finally noticing the seat post jammed against the wheel. I’m a taller rider, I put the seat higher, and have the problem at the other extreme on my muni, that of passing the minimum insertion on the seat post. Luckily, nothing has broken yet.

You mentioned that foot repositioning caused the fall. I have noticed that it’s easy to reposition the foot when riding closer to the toe, and harder to reposition when riding closer to the heel.


An easy mistake to make, but alarming when you do. :smiley:

Similar thing happened to me once.
I loaned out my 26” to someone. He is 12” taller than me so I swapped the seatpost for a longer one and brakes etc.
He used the unicycle and returned it.
I didn’t use the unicycle for a while and forgot about the change.
Then a while later took my unicycle down south for a ride. I could not get on. The seat was way to high for me :frowning:

I’m not small, 1.86 (±6.2"), but lately have been putting more time into hopping and then the seat should be lower. Also noticed that with a lower seat, I use my thy muscles more. They can do with some training.

Good to see, I’m not the only noob :stuck_out_tongue: