Nokian Gazzaloddi 3inch by 24inch

does anyone know where i can buy a Nokian Gazzaloddi 3 inch by 24 inch
tyre from in the uk

You might have to find a dead DH biker who was buried with his bike and rob his grave.

Or check random little bike shops that might have one in the pile of old stock that they don’t know what to do with, or someone online who is looking to sell one used.

They have gotten pretty scarce which is too bad because rims wide enough to make them stable are finally becoming mainstream.

There is this but it 24x2.6 which isn’t to much smaller

i have had both duro wildlife/halo contra and nokian 2.6
i really like the the size of 3.0 inch tyres just wanted to try the nokian wider tyre with its squarer tread Germany have 24x3" Gazz tyres. Get 'em while you can, coz these are getting very hard to find!

hi thanks but they seem bit expensive at 49 euro postage is about £14 with rubbish exchange rate thats over £50

If you really want to try a Gazzaloddi 24x3" then you will act fast and save up the extra money. Nice one Tony! I’ve still got a Gazzaloddi in my cupboard which luckily didn’t get stolen with my 24x3" fireball unicycle. A less rare alternative might be the 24" Intense DH 3" tire- it might be slightly squarer than the Duro.

The Intense 24x3 is sort of like a cross between a Gazz and a Duro. Square like a Gazz stiff like a Duro. It is really a nice tire and I liked it for the short time I had one but it also is sort of rare these days since I understand they were discontinued a while ago.

My LBS has some 2.6 x 24 Gazzaloddi in the 1/2 price bin. No 3" ones though.

Cheap I say! I paid 50% more than that for a 24x3" Gazzaloddi tyre recently!